Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time to return..

Think I have neglected this blog enough! Was much shocked and sad to read about IHM’s daughter and I had no idea about it until I returned from vacation. This life is indeed strange and nothing seems to be constant. One needs to try hard to stay unruffled and it is not easy.

Had a restful vacation this time. Restful only since I was forced to take rest owing to a surgery to remove a part of me or as per my son – his first home.

It was at the end of my last vacation and during a routine check up that I discovered that I had fibroids growing in and out of my uterous. It was a rude shock since I never had any other medical problems and no physical symptoms normally associated with fibroids. Did search low and wide but knew it was a lost cause since the stuff had already grown much. It was getting too comfortable inside me specially since I never knew of it’s existence. Thought of leaving it there but it was not easy to brush away my own fears as well as that of my loved ones. The doctor who discovered it first asked me to take it out immediately while others asked me to wait and watch. Hence I waited and watched for a year. I was also searching for a doctor who could do the operation in a non-invasive way and this seemed an impossible task since the size of the fibroids were too big. Finally it was done at Paul’s hospital – Ernakulam. A wonderful doctor is all I can say and an operation which should normally take only 1 hour or less went on to four hours leaving everyone [except me :) who was blissfully lost to the world] anxious and worried. But except for the first few days of minor pain, I felt perfectly fine and so far so good. Hats off to technology and to our wonderful doctors.

I hope to return to blogging or rather grumbling more often now.


  1. oh, was wondering what happened to the flamboyant blogger. I hope everything spans out all right for you.

    Get back full time to blogger soon ! :-)

  2. Its great to know that you are fine. Must have been scary to come across a problem like this. And yes, hats off to modern technology and the wonderful doctors around!

  3. Recently I came acros a few ppl who had their uterus removed...They said 'Useless anyway'.

    Hope you are doing good. enjoy the hot sun of Arabia

  4. You were being missed for qite some time.
    I am sure you will recover soon enough.
    All the best.

  5. Scorpio: Am alive and kicking :) Flamboyant? ahmmmm

    Smitha: Yes.. it was scary since I never knew of this condition before. But upon reading and talking with others I realized that most women have this. It is more to do with extra estrogen but controlling this is not easy. Estrogen seems to be even in your face/body cream, in the form of Parabens and also in the food. I did try to avoid food and others which trigger estrogen and the fibroids never grew bigger in that year.. but yet it did not reduce either. Think it is good to have an abdomen scan after you are 35. Fibroids rarely become cancerous but it causes discomfort to many and the bigger ones can push against other organs and this is not good. Lifestyle changes are not easy especially when one would have to avoid much!

  6. Jon: Looks like many women took the easy way out :).... nd even I had the opportunity to talk to many who underwent the surgery.. just to get an assurance. Well.. some things in life just cannot be cotrolled.

    BKC: Very happy to note that I was missed.... I am fully recovered and since it was a Laproscopic surgery, the rest period was for 2 weeks and later I had to avoid lifting heavy weights.. in fact I keep forgeting that I ever had a surgery and it is dear hubby who reminds me :)

  7. Ouch! An operation! Hope you've recuperated now. Waiting for your entry back into blog world :)

  8. hope you are OK and fine now - these are all pretty well handled i guess, these days. relax, read a lot and write. nothing better than that to recuperate.

  9. Dreamer: Ouch it was :) but am okay now...

    Maddy: oh yes.. things are much better these days.. am alright now and back to hustle and bustle of life :)


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