Sunday, October 3, 2010

Of roads, cars and faith..

This time I travelled up and down the MC road (Main Central Road) or the alternate road to the NH 47. The road is too good after it was repaired and at times it looked like an airport runway! I also discovered that the Ambassador car which once proudly owned the Indian roads have now become a rarity. I couldn't spot one even among the taxi stands. This old and trusted friend just couldn’t keep up with the changing times and I think have lost the race to the racier, sleeker ones.

Having seen almost all models of foreign cars here in Kuwait, it was easy to spot the same in Kerala too. And I think this time I spotted many of them. Yes, luxurious cars have always been a weakness to many. For the rich it is another status symbol and one which can keep them apart from the ordinary folks. I remember how my very earthly cousin brother used to tell us that his dream is to drive a BMW. I am sure he is driving one now since he holds a very good job in the UK. He deserves it since he did burn much midnight oil for his earthly degrees.

Anyway this is not really about cars or roads. This time we saw a beautiful Mercedes s-class car on the road and while we were admiring the same, we tried to have a glimpse of the proud owner.. it was a Christian priest. And if it was not enough, we saw yet another costly foreign car being driven by the same clan.

I am not saying that there is a rule that says Priests are not allowed to own or drive expensive cars but as a Christian, I am offended and ashamed.

From the pulpits they preach. They tell us mortals to give (the 75 + lakhs could have made a lot difference to the needy), not to indulge (an ordinary car can also take them to their destination), not to covet, not to be greedy , not to incite etc etc….

Now, I am not sure why I myself am indulging in a very non Christian act, i.e grumble/judge when I am sure no priest is ever going to read me. But since even they have become very net savvy one can never be sure. Hence there is just one request from this confused mortal; next time you wish to indulge in earthly pleasures, please DUMP that priestly garb for something more appropriate and the next time you stand on the pulpit, please try to refrain from PREACHING what you yourself cannot practice.

And there is another rumbling on the horizon.

Some of us are yet to recover from those scenes on TV when 2 factions of the Church had fist fights amongst a falling corpse from a funeral march. Those days, most of us like Peter  denied to our co-workers and friends that we belonged to this Church. It was too shameful.

Trouble seems to have erupted again and at Parumala where one faction already has a Church while the other is aspiring to have a new one.

Can one own a saint?

If so, Parumala Thirumeni  seems to be wholly owned by the Orthodox faction while the Jacobite faction thinks otherwise, since when Parumala Thirumeni was alive the Church was one. Now I am not sure who should take credit for the solace and blessings given to those who sought this Saint; is it the Saint himself or the Church? And since the Church encourages the weak and heavy laden to seek blessings from this Saint should they not be happy to know that they have one more location to receive these blessings?

Or shall I,  like many others with more of an earthly sense think that there is some other underlying reason for all this saintly love, be it from any faction? $$$

Anyway, let me pray that those who are supposed to be leading these Churches would for once show some heavenly sense and stop inciting the weak and confused believers who may be excused for exhibiting an earthly sense.

Picture Source: Hindu & Cartrade


  1. hmm yeah! The main excuse I hear is that the priests have so many body ailments to travel in an Ambi, the doctor suggested that they travel in an A4 or an S-class :D Well whatever, if they're not being hypocrite or fighting on the road for silly reasons then I presume we can live with it :)

  2. Ahem this is some topic that I have been thinking about for sometime

    we christians have this unique caharacter to put a clan on one side of the altar and judge happily from the other side
    The Priest, bishops are of the same clan as laymen and their shortcomings are same as ours.

    I strongly believe it's our stupidity/jealousy to expect that they will be very different from us

    The luxury is an abomination not only to the leaders but also to the laymen

  3. In the US, they say "Keep Christ in Christmas". It is all about shopping and gifts these days and very little about His message.

    I think it is time to say, "Keep Christ in the Church". Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn and all these high-fliers have made the church a big business.

  4. Scorpio: Guess the body ailments would be special since they are from the priestly clan :) and if the meaning of an hypocrite is same world over then it is time they put a better show.. U may live with it.. but not those poor mortals who can find no sense to all this nonsense..

    Jon: It is NOT our stupidity/jealousy :) and we are not unique on this matter. I agree that the priest, bishop are of the same clan as the laymen and their shortcomings are same as ours.. but who asked them to become one? Did you? So why did they chose this over many other ways in which they can indulge in earthly pleasures? They are not leading a political party for your kind information. They are leading a Church whose foundation rests on Christ alone and if they themselves cannot understand who Christ is then the least they can do is step down and stop confusing those weak in faith.
    I agree, the luxury/indulgence is an abomination to the laymen too... and this is what these Church leaders are supposed to be teaching. Jon, I dont think anything is going to change but as usual, let me atleast grumble :)

    Uptake: Christ will soon disappear from the Church too since many would rather keep away from some of these Churches. Yes.. Pat, Benny and many in Kerala too have made a big business out of Christ.. nd they have taken their lessons well from the traditional churches.

  5. They are all the same every where.Why blame only the priests?

  6. So you mean to say that driving an ambassador is more earthly/godly than a merc!!

    If your problem is the bishop could have sold out his merc and made difference to the poor, so can you.
    The laymen too can sell off their belongings

    One of the hardcore fact is that Kerala christians are rich/super rich. Most of them belong to the category of upper middle class
    The only exceptions will be the ones who live near coastal regions/tribal hamlets

    So when you are in a church/diocese with rich people, what is the point in frugal life? They are choked with rich people

    Simple living and abistence can only be useful when you r surrounded by poor/unfortunate ones

  7. BKC: They are all the same.. yet,the priests are supposed to be leading a religious institution which stands on certain principles.. if those who lead cannot stand by them, then how pitiable would be the condition of those who look up to them for direction... it is a sad state of affairs

  8. Jon, I hope u r not pulling my legs :) I did try hard to imagine you and the rest of the folks (all rich) smiling benevolently while the priest stands on the pulpit asking for a bit of money to buy a merc for himself :)

    as for ur stats on the rich christians.. from where do u get these stats or am I missing something? nd how many upper middle class people can afford to buy a merc and maintain it too?

    Btw, even the ambi does not come cheap I blv... cheap as in my world :)

  9. How on earth you conlduded that merz is belongs to that particular priest?? It could be belongs to somebody else or could be a gift?? Just for the sake of satisfying your non christian blogars, dont talk nonsnese here. Have some wisdom.

  10. Anon: Yes.. it can belong to another and could be even a gift... although I did see more than one priest driving an expensive car. But my problem is not the car but the direction the Church leaders are moving. The car is just one example of materialism that is slowly killing the Church that I am sure our forefathers built with much care and difficulty. This Church alone has split yet again recently. I may not need these leaders but there are many who depend entirely upon them for their spiritual needs. Some are sadly misleading them.

    as for satisfying my readers; I have no intention of satisfying everyone...I dont think I can either.. I write when something bothers me and if at times religion is the topic, then I cant help it. Besides, I dont get paid for writing what I write.

  11. everything is a matter of business - in a sense. But then again you come across some bright stuff and people as well...I thought this was good

  12. Maddy:sadly it is business in the end..
    I read her... nd out of her goodness of heart she must have appreciated the singer.. but then Christians in Kerala had their own style of singing, although now many are following the western style.

  13. There is one Jesus Christ and more than 1200 denominations,each one of them claiming they are in the right path.Do we need a better joke?

    I have also noticed that for the orthodox church,Paumala Thirumeni is probably more than Jesus Christ himself.At every home,you will find a picture of him,even if there is not one of Jesus.
    This fight between the factions is really shameful.Once while I was on my way to Kottayam, there was this clash going on at Chengannoor between these two groups.They were throwing stones at each other and I saw a priest holding the rubble in his folded clerical dress and distributing to others!

  14. Dr: Yes it is a joke! One Christ and many making only a living out of Him.
    Parumala Thirumeni lead a worthy life which can be emulated by his admirers but he is not to be worshipped. Sadly even he is being sold, while the believers remain scared to even move around without his picture.
    Wish a camera had picked this scene of the priest inciting and aiding the believers.


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