Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kasab can have a few friends.. if not Biriyani or the noose.

Tomorrow would be yet another anniversary of that terrible day in November.

All is well, says State home minister R R Patil and opposition leader Eknath Khadse who visited Kasab yesterday. His mood swings continues to keep the media engaged. If one day he lunges at the camera, another day he complains of the food served to him and was heard asking for mutton biriyani. Yesterday he seems to have said “I have reaped what I sowed.”

But then, he was only a petty criminal willing to kill for a few more dollars. He had already made his pact with the devil. But now I am glad that he survived, else like many other confused Indians, it would have been hard to believe he was not made in India.

I know I am blabbering, but hasn’t the events that unfolded the last 2 weeks reduce us Indians to blabbering fools. What else should we call ourselves when we are robbed of Rs 1,76,000 crores! (not including the CWG, the flat and now the Mumbai land scam) Like a swishing sword, scam after scam has wounded us left and right and one has never felt so low in life. Should we continue to believe in our honest Prime Minister when he is more interested in being meek? The Congress needs to go, along with the Sonias and Rahuls even if the next could be BJP with the Yedurappas, Reddy’s and Modi’s. But let it be so. The country badly needs a change. But before you step down, if you still believe you are a man of integrity, please clean up the mess. Mess would be a mild word, with the media and even the judges now being implicated.

"With the CVC headed by former telecom secretary P J Thomas non-suited to supervise CBI in 2G spectrum scam, the SC should choose an officer of unimpeachable integrity to monitor the probe," he said. Upset at his offer being spurned, senior advocate K K Venugopal said he would rather argue for dismissal of petition than make any further concession.

You may bring back a few crores if you can, but more than that, it would heal the wounded nation if one could see a few give Kasab company. Kasab murdered Indians in cold blood while the elected leaders have killed the spirit of millions of Indians.

Edited to add the following:

Corrupt India: $462 billion illegally transferred overseas between 1948 and 2008

The poor state of governance is reflected in a growing underground economy which in turn has fueled more transfers of illicit capital from India. This analysis is cast in terms of a pre- and a post-reform period spanning a total of 61 years since independence.


  1. Just imagine if Kasab was a Indian and we in Pakistan Prison.

    He should have been subjected to Gentenamo bay ways of imprisonment, this wil encourage more and more Pakis to come here and do what they want.


  3. I saw a movie Zameen starring Ajay Devgan in which he says a dialogue: hamare yahaan kutto ko marne ki ijazat nahi hain :)

    Dogs are spreading across the country. It is time for the politicians to finish their never ending hunger for money and power and start working.

  4. Suseelan: Warm welcome to my blog. I guess you meant to say that Kasab us treated royally in our prison?

    BKC: nd soon we NRI's can also vote if we can manage to find time away from work to fly to India! but taking a decision would be difficult since every party seems to be getting better and better when it comes to corruption.

    Abhi:If the politicians did that then our country will not go to the dogs..

  5. Great to have you back! It is kind of sad that we 'honor' 26/11 martyrs by turning a blind eye to these rogues. As for corruption, I think that is the one thread that unifies all our parties. We can only hope that maybe the rest of the country will follow Bihar's example and vote for clean governance and development.

  6. Dreamer: yes Bihar and Nitish is a ray of hope for the Indians.. good governance is what the people should choose over caste, religion and dynasty.

  7. Seriously, the state of things are so dismal. If only we had more Nitish Kumars to turn to..

    I wonder if anything will ever change. As for our honest PM- the less said the better. Anybody who can keep quiet and let corruption flourish, cannot be called 'honest'!

  8. Smitha: Rightly said about out our PM..Anybody who can keep quiet and let corruption flourish, cannot be called 'honest'!
    Honesty and integrity has lost it's meaning.


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