Thursday, December 2, 2010

The leaks...

Against the backdrop of wikileaks and after reading the following from Pioneer, thought I would re-post what I had posted earlier.

Secret cables, which were leaked by WikiLeaks, show that US diplomats and spies believe Pakistan army and its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) continue to quietly back four militant groups -- the Afghan Taliban, its allied Haqqani and Hekmatyar networks on the western Afghan frontier, and LeT on the eastern border with India.

Some ISI officials "continue to maintain ties with a wide array of extremist organisations, in particular the Taliban, LeT and other extremist organisations," US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in December 2009.

Resolving the 63-year-old Kashmir conflict "would dramatically improve the situation", Patterson said.
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As for wikileaks, I continue to believe that nothing new has been revealed. Whatever is in black and white now has been leaked earlier in the media. Some believed while some did not. And now one can either take the stand of Mrs. Clinton and call them terrorists or one can call them a whistle blower. But even if it is late, America can now publicly acknowledge what they really think of Pakistan and it's leaders.

I also believe that the ones on the banks that are yet to come may be of help to the US citizens themselves. Are they not interested in knowing how the financial crisis came about and how those who are responsible for it are still being protected? As an Indian citizen, I would love to have the same leaks on my own government especially after the recent scams.

The following was a comment from my friend when I posted on FB that if US has done nothing wrong then why they should fear the leaks. 
That is very easy for you to say. It is like you having a frank, private discussion with your husband about all your neighbors and then find out that someone has recorded the conversation and given it to the whole neighborhood. The point is that the cables are and were meant to be confidential communications and diplomatic missions require such internal information to function well.
I did respond thus and further chat did not reach anywhere
Well, you can put it thus if you think you have been given the moral right to control every neighbour that lives around you..

nd feels it is right to maintain diplomacy/silence as you deem, even when you know that one of your neigbour is s...ending a dagger right through the heart of the other :)
My earlier posts on US's obsession with Pakistan and Kashmir.

For the carrot - dated 2-Feb 2010

Thus blogs the great enlightener of the masses..


Nd why in the world should India be obsessed with Pakistan?

Oh yes… they have an answer to that too.. The much coveted seat in the great UN besides the great US.

And hence, US is dangling this carrot and sweet talking to India so as to end its stand with Pakistan since the great citizens in the US thinks and is made to think that all the problems in Pakistan ( Afganisthan , Bin Laden, Islamic terrorism) is only because of Kashmir (India). Literally speaking, every Pakistani wakes up in the morning and was waking up since Pakistan’s independence and thinks and was thinking only about Kashmir and the myriad ways to save the multitude of suffering souls in Kashmir. And now it seems US is also thinking along these lines!

And it is only we stupid Indians who is yet to realize this great truth… but let us not be discouraged since our government has realized it too..

Did anyone say that Bombay.. sorry Mumbai was attacked?

Another one posted on India Tweets

What an idea! (Dec 14, 2009)

Pakistanis should thank their government for their brilliant idea of nurturing terrorists; if their soil had not bred them would the US part with so much money?

Would their houses light up and would their thirst be quenched if not for the terrorists?

WASHINGTON - Electricity and water projects will be an early priority for nearly $1.5 billion a year in new U.S. non military aid for Pakistan expected to be passed by the Senate on Sunday, senior U.S. officials said.

The aid is included in a $7.5 billion, five-year package proposed by President Barack Obama as one tool to combat extremism in Pakistan. He has called the region the "epicenter" of violence and Pakistan is seen as critical to U.S. efforts to fight the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan.


  1. lol, the past 2 weeks have been a jackpot if you're a news addict. First our own shit-leak on the heads of 'respected' journos, and now the Wiki has literally blown the lid off the can of worms.

    You have the plain point: No almighty secrets have been revealed in this; behind the door whispers have been put in black n white for us all to enjoy! :0

  2. Scorpio: Yea.. no almighty secrets and some of it is already paying good results.
    nd today Australia says that US and not Assange is to be blamed for the leaks... a turn around?

  3. these cables and so on have been a conduit for passing on opinions for ever between diplomats. you can have any kind of opinion, even if you are a PM. You can in private say - wow! i like mandira bedi or something. now if that hits the press, how would it sound? the problem was that it was recorded in an electronic medium for others to see.

    anyway - there is hypocrisy everywhere, and this will just lower the bargaining arm of the US for a few days, looking at it practically and all diplomats will be asked to scrub their reports better.

    and Assange will possibly rot in jail. and another will take up the task

  4. Maddy: Yes hypocricy is there everywhere.. but the so called diplomacy of US was not working , specially when it is not clear as to what they were really bargaining for..nd I really do not understand why the intention of a government ought to be hidden from it's citizens. Let your intentions be clear and fair and let it be in tune with it's citizens.
    And how is Assange different from other whistle blowers, specially Daniel Ellsberg who is responsible for the Pentagon Papers.. and now wikipedia lists Bradeley Manning as the latest.


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