Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Code of Ethics?

Today, I read with interest the following news:
Like doctors and lawyers, teachers may soon be subject to a “code of professional ethics”, which includes clauses for disciplinary action over corporal punishment, private tuitions and other “anti-community” activities.

This led me to think not about the teaching profession but about the other two professions which are already under the “code of ethics”. Are our doctors and lawyers always operating with ethics? Has this code done any good? If this code of ethics was a deterrent factor how did our CJI get embroiled in the current scam?

Trouble is brewing for former Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan, with allegations of amassing of property worth crores of rupees sufacing against his son-in-law and former Supreme Court judge V R Krishna Iyer today demanded a judicial probe into it.

What is professional ethics?

Professional ethics concerns the moral issues that arise because of the specialist knowledge that professionals attain, and how the use of this knowledge should be governed when providing a service to the public.

The professional carries additional moral responsibilities to those held by the population in general and in society.

One of the most far-reaching recommendations of the code is setting up of a professional body like the Indian Medical Association or Bar Council of India, which applies to professionals in their respective fields and imposes penalties in case of reported violations of ethical practices.

As stated above, is it because violations are not reported?

I guess, in the end it all depends on the individual when it comes to integrity and honesty. No amount of “codes” can make one perform ethically if one puts more value to money and power above “professional ethics”.

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  1. Well, every profession MUST have a code of ethics which rule the way you behave. Surprised the Teaching profession hasn't got one.

    The one thing remaining to be seen is how well the code is going to be implemented. Yes, my guess is as good as yours :)

  2. A bahut hi very good post. :)

    Coming to the topic, I think India has turned into a honey pot where the powerful bee extracts as much as it could.

    So now professionals have entered the arena. A tough competition for politicians. I dont think they could defeat our Neta's. "Wish them all the best"

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  4. Scorpio: Yes.. every profession must have a code of ethics but if these were being followed then our country wouldnt be in such a mess! and even if I would like to blv that it is only a few % who are not following ethics, they seem to be doing maximum damage.

    Abhi:We need a way out.. and now CBI has yet again let the country down on the Arushi murder case.. they have closed the case!

    thus says one comment:
    CBI is Cold Blooded Individuals
    By Rajesh on 12/30/2010 2:04:39 AM

    CBI must be dissolved. We know the 2G, CWG, Adarsh Scam Investigation by CBI results. "NO SUCH SCAM OCCURED".

    do you think they shall bring the scamsters to light?

    yet.. let us hope for a miracle..

  5. You are absolutely right.An individual alone is responsible for his/her action. If code of ethics really had the power to make an impact, the change would have been explicit. But it never happened.

    I also think we are groping in the darkness for want of a powerful vision or a visionary. Let's hope for the best.

  6. I agree- it does depend upon the individual in matters of ethics. A person not inclined to behave ethically can always find loopholes in codes or laws.

    However, I think that some guidelines- like those put down in a code of ethics- are useful. Particularly for those newly entering the concerned profession.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  7. It is something of an Utopian idea to talk about ethics in India.Where law makers themsleves break the law, have they got any right to charge any one else? Like I always say,we only know to catch the petty coconut thief who steals because of hunger.It is easy to punish him as well.
    Teachers,I would say are the better of the lot.Lawyers the worst.They never keep principles.How can a lawyer argue the case for a criminal,knowing he has done the crime?But in every case,you will find a lawyer trying to save the criminal.And everyone knows about doctors.
    Who will bell the cat?

  8. Shalet: A warm welcome to my blog.

    I am sure there are many Indians who are hoping for a powerful visionary or a vision.. let us hope that this collective hope/prayer shall indeed save our nation.

    Manju: Yes.. the codes does help a new comer and every profession should have it. Let me also wish you a prosperous and happy new year.

    Dr.: Like I always say,we only know to catch the petty coconut thief who steals because of hunger.It is easy to punish him as well.
    Guess that sums it up... the rich and the powerful shall always get away with their crimes.

    and it is the lawyer that ends up as a judge and I have always wondered on what basis they are selected. When right and wrong are very clear in their books, how do they cater to their demanding clients?
    Will ethics ever rule above power and money?


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