Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What the !!!!!!!

Missiles, guns and robotic bomb-disposal units will be deployed in and around Mohali ahead of the diplomacy-laced India-Pak cricket encounter.

Thus screams TOI and other main stream media.

What are our leaders expecting?

When the match ends tomorrow, with no unpleasant incidents (let us all pray!), either India or Pakistan will win.

If Pakistan wins, will they arrest LeT founder Hafiz Muhammad Saeed or hand over to India the wanted terrorists?

And if Pakistan loses, does it mean they secure the right to export more terrorists? After all, we hurt them again did we not?

Has the whole nation gone bonkers over cricket or is it only me?


  1. Asha,

    The match is being attended by two heads-of-state, dignitaries and other VVIPs from two countries, 22 players who are treated like Gods in their respective nations, not to mention the 50k+ souls attending the match. It will be watched by millions across the globe and if a fire cracker blows at the wrong time at the wrong place what would be the condition?

    With the threat from extremists as clear and real as broad daylight we should be taking no chances on such a hi-profile stage.

  2. Hello Asha, Mirage is the id of my wife. She was logged in and I accidentally commented from hers! :D

    Apologies :)


  3. :)

    Cheers for India!

    May our boys win this WC for Sachin :)

  4. Anish: Thanks for the clarification.. did visit your better half's blog and loved it...did u inspire her?

    as for cricket; guess it is me after all :)

    but why mix sports and politics/diplomacy when you expect nothing in return? whom are we fooling? of course coffers of a few shall be filled and yet again with the tax payer's money.


  5. I didn't 'inspire' her, but it was started to threaten me that if I don't give her more time then she'd start sitting in front of the computer all the time...like me, of course. [I admit I was too cruel on her bcoz I was kinda addicted to blogs and stuff, she felt I was sidelining her] ;-) Thanks to her, I realised my folly and cut down on this blogging spree... Family is more important isn't it?

    Thanks for visiting it. I think you should visit her 'Scintillating Switzerland' post. there is a video of her and myself in the background, quite hilarious. Everytime I see it, I lose my control laughing over it. :lol: :D:D:D

    On a serious note, Politics and Sports are different entities but when they're associated with nations, the line blurs to a non-existential level. Real life. You listen to the feeling in your heart when India plays Pakistan, that's exactly what drives our brain.

  6. I guess there are a few blokes who have gone bonkers like you and me who do not understand the importance of "defending India and crushing Pakistan" , bet it by any means , cricket or guns.

  7. Anish: Yes, family is more important... She has stated her point well.. kudos to her :)

    as for cricket, India finally did it and it was a pleasure watching them.. but the rest still awaits with no progress. I read that there was celebration in Karachi too.. but I also feel that it is not enough. These feelings which are only fleeting is not enough.

    Anil: India should be defended but not in this way!

  8. ha ha ha... great post.. it spread a smile on my face. A bit late on the post. Not bit late but too late. However, enjoyed it... seems most of it would happen as India won :)

  9. Abhi: Thanks for your comment. Now that Rana has spilled everything, what is Pakistan waiting for? Will someone ever tell us why our govt. did not pressure Pakistan enough instead of forgetting and forgiving ever so easily. And dont forget that many in our country continues to blv that the whole drama was cooked up by the Indians themselves.

  10. See, the bottom line is that Pakistan has nuclear capability. Israel for instance can force its will on the Palestinians because they do not have the N - factor.
    After the Mumbai attack,if India reacted with an air strike or a ground incursion across the border, the collateral effect would have been an all out nuclear war, eventually. Can any one say no?
    Did we engage in a preemptive demolition of the Pak nuclear facilities like Israel did on Iraq?
    no we did not. Did we react positively to the hijack to Khandahar- the answer no. we were weak kneed, every body know that and had our cabinet minister escorting the terrorists all the way to Kabul.
    Have we employed political acumen and proactive action and preempted the fiasco in Kashmir - the answer is no. Then what do you expect? The Mohali drama was an humbug a dambsquib and all knew it too.


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