Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Will Kerala show the way?

Kerala has already paved the way and if there is a will, there is a way.

I am not sure if ex-minister Balakrishna Pillai was given enough importance on the national front by the main stream media. But the fact remains that it is the first time that a minister has been imprisoned for corruption and even if it came very late, it should be applauded. And Balakrishnan is no small fry on the political and social front. He has been winning almost every election and won the first at the age of 25; a record they say. If this has not given him enough clout to thwart the law, then nothing can.

The apex court upheld the prosecution plea that the former minister has entered into a criminal conspiracy that caused a loss of over Rs 2 crore to the Kerala State Electricity Board by awarding contracts for construction of a power tunnel and surge shaft of the Edamalayar hydro electricity power project to contractor Paulose (now dead) at extra ordinarily high rates.
The apex court, upholding the appeal filed by the then opposition leader and present chief minister V S Achuthanandan, said the high court had committed a grave error by overlooking the clinching evidence marshalled by the prosecution and the conviction rightly awarded by the special court in Kerala.

Personally, I have nothing against him and am not comfortable with the fact that a person at his age has to face this. But then I also hear that there is no “hard labour”, if this is of any consolation to his dear and near.

When I look at the current scams and the way the congress party thwarted the will of the people or democracy as they say, nothing offers me consolation expect this sentence.
Was it not disgusting to even imagine sacks of money being hauled around to buy votes?

Was it not disgusting to even imagine that our PM was aware of such grand schemes?

And now we do not have to imagine anymore; we may remain disgusted.

Maybe, yes maybe, we shall see those in power behind the bars. And only then can this nation move forward.



  1. This is a part of a play. Politics is all about revenge and money.

  2. Abhi: Even I would like to think so, since it is politics after all; but will the Supreme Court hand out such a verdict, without solid proof?

  3. The Mafia don of the early 1900's , AlCapone was eventually booked by law and put behind bars not for the murders, extortions and other felony he committed, but for a minor fraudulence in book keeping. That is the irony. So goes the similar story of Balakrishna Pillai. Serves him well too.
    We must be indeed lucky to have such high and elite men of crime,sleaze and crime ruling over us. People get the Government they deserve , very true indeed!

  4. Dont know much about Kerala politics. But, my worry is about politicians succeeding in converting Kerala into a majority Muslim state by design.

  5. Anil: People get the Government they deserve , very true indeed! nd when shall we change for the better :)

    BKC: I had hoped at least the latest wiki leaks would bring Kerala to the front :) as for your fears... I do not think such a situation will come.


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