Monday, April 18, 2011

Now you may have 6

The government continues to drag it's feet in the case of the black money ($1 trillion!)

It is almost two years since the German Government had passed on the names and bank account details of eighteen Indians who had stashed their alleged ill-gotten wealth in the LGT bank of Liechtenstein, a well-known tax haven nation, 190 km from Munich, Germany.

While 15 names were earlier (February 2011) revealed through Tehelka and other newspapers, curiously none of them contained Hassan Ali.

The ED has questioned Khan, facing close to Rs 70,000-crore tax demand notice from the Income-Tax Department, with regard to his past trips to various countries and his business dealings within the country.

At present, the Indian public is made to concentrate only on Hassan Ali.

Investigating officials reportedly found that Ali had so far helped a former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and other top politicians as well as film stars from south India to fund elections and movies. Sources also claimed that one of the Telugu actors is now a prominent politician whose name has been come up during the investigation.

And even though Hassan Ali seems to have revealed the names of many bigwigs, the only soul who is seen to be taken to task is Puducherry Lt Governor Iqbal Singh. Singh has offered his resignation while stating that the passport was issued under the direction of a Bihar Congress leader.

Singh, who met Chidambaram on Friday, had said he had made the recommendation for Khan at the behest of a Bihar Congress leader.

Yesterday, the government has offered to reveal 6 names, while they have yet again given the same old excuse for not revealing the rest.

The Centre has assured the Supreme Court that it would reveal the names of persons who have stashed black money in foreign banks after registering a formal case against them.

Solicitor General Gopal Subramanium, appearing before a bench headed by Justice B Sudershan Reddy, said the government has issued show cause notices against the persons accused of having black money in foreign banks and once a case is registered against them, their names will be made public.

For the present let me wonder how they came up with the six....

Did they do a “Inky, pinky ponky” round?

Or did Sonia place a few selected names and benevolently asked MM Singh to pick up 6 out of them?

Democracy at its best!



  1. What Julian Assange ( Wikileaks) said about Manmohan Singh is true. He said that Mr Singh may be honest, but is culpable because he persistently blocks and covers up corruption and the corrupt.We have a PM who suffers from amnesia., he dosent remember important matters!

  2. I think the PM should regularly confess " In what I have done,and what I have failed to do"

  3. It is time for uncle's to leave the place and let youngsters make the money. No wonder who is in the position, all are interested in making money. :)

    People have one of their legs heading towards the hell and the other leg still on a wheelchair, but still the puppets don't understand the situation.

    Hope an improvement will come, at least through our words and the ones who read this.

  4. We are unnecessarily giving too much benifit of doubt to Manmohan Singh.Dont forget that he has a vested interest to cling on to power to become the second longest serving PM after Nehru and inorder to achieve that he is trying to be more than loyal to his lady boss by protecting her. He should be asked to take the lie detector test to confirm his honesty.

  5. Anil: Wish it was amnesia, else one would need to change the meaning of the word honesty in our dictionary.

    Dr: MM Singh has let down this country very badly.. but he still can make a difference if he is honest.

    Abhi: Even you want a part? :) Now that at least a few are seeing the jail, let us hope more bigger fishes are caught in the net.

    Raju: A warm welcome. Yes.. he does not seem to be honest /innocent.

  6. They always place a news in media that may be so and so person will be arrested before arresting .why? that the so and so can make arrangements.

    Now we need to over haul everything and bring a changwe in our political system..nobody tainted should be allowed to stand in elections.

  7. the stashed money and the gold in India when translated to fluid currency is staggering. You can just sit and calculate and see right away that without the least problem, we become the richest in terms of monetary assets...only a trustworthy government can help slowly get it out of those tight & suspicious fists

  8. i seriously wish that we have a agitation like the lokpal bill to make sure that the money stashed up abroad is brought back and used for the development of the country..sadly so far it is just a news item and we havent seen any concrete step by the govt..:(

  9. Renu: Wish we could remove corruption. Am pinning my hopes on Hazare.. maybe this is the much wanted change that the country needs.

    Maddy: Even before one scam is unearthed another comes up.. so much money in India! Yes, even the money that is locked in Gold is also considerable; but who is ready to cash it now when the price keeps shooting up and never down?

    Mathew: Glad to see you here after a very long time :)

    Let us hope that the govt. does not sit on issues for long. We are seeing a few in jail that we never imagined.. Hassan ali is a familiar face of corruption, but to think that there are "respectable" citizens who share the same values?


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