Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hair extension

No, I was not looking for it myself since I still have enough on my head to satisfy my ego, unlike my Hubby, who is forever threatening that he will be taking the service of one of those hair fixers like Gulf Gate etc. Have also noticed that he is very quick in spotting those who have them too :).  Maybe, we shall both take their service together someday!

Anyway, it was the weekend and the children having gone to India to give company to their grandmother, I had nothing much to do and was switching channels. It is when I saw a short documentary on Luxe.tv about hair extensions in expensive saloons in Europe.

Watched many beautiful ladies getting their hair fixed but what got my attention was when the scene shifted to India. Rows of people are sitting down to shear their heads and hearing this lady with her shorn head say that she has offered her hair to Lord Murugan, I assumed the temple is that of South India.

So have you always known where all this hair is going? There were bundles and bundles of hair stacked in the corner.

I knew it was being used in India too, since I remember seeing those small buns of hair that some ladies tucked inside their hair and also hair extensions too, but not until I watched this programme on TV did I realize that hair mostly offered to God for various reasons in India is the main source (China is also another source) in expensive saloons across the world.

This discarded hair becomes very expensive once it has been treated and sorted out into different length, color, texture etc.

To know the extent of it, you can have a look at the snap shot of the same. The hair can be of length from 5 to 80 inches and the color can be black, brown, grey and also white.

But, towards the end of the programme, this business guy from India did admit that business is not going to be good in the near future since the current generation does not believe in these kinds of offerings to God.

Yes, they may soon run out of hair and I wonder what these ladies shall do then?
Hair salons regularly charge anywhere from $500 to $3000 and quality clip-in human hair extensions range from $200 to $400. Last year alone the human hair extension market was worth over 300 million dollars.



  1. the new technology simplants our own hair into our head... i kno many NRI gulf mallus doing tht

  2. This is something like donate blood.

    Let us come with a slogan, "baal katao and taal hatao"... may be some day our cousins will require a hair transplant and may be our hair would benefit them ;)

    Can be thought this way right :)

    I am wondering where my aunt's hair would be travelling now, might be in switzerland... she donated her hair six months ago... :) atleast her hair, if not she could travel that long... ;)

  3. Jon: Simplant? is that the new word for it? yes.. the Gulf NRI's seems to be losing more hair than the rest.. must be the heat, dust and water.. but then there are more back in India too.. Hubby keep spotting them often on TV :) has become a real expert.. must be checking out!

    Abhi: That is a good idea :).. nd that depends if one has hair to spare!
    Yes.. your Aunt's hair got to travel plces...

  4. Being a potential user,I have looked at it too.I have many friends who have got it done.My hair has been wiped off,but some of my friends say it is difficult to maintain it.I am also bit shy about it.
    I can spot anyone who is using it.My wife always ask me how I can do it.Often she doesn't believe me.

  5. oo wow..its a typo haha..nyways i came out witha a new eord

  6. Doc: Maybe you can try it and see.. but I think you may not let it stay on your head for long :)nd this would be the state of my Hubby too.

    Jon: do google and see the word :) but it sure fits the procedure.


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