Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jyotirmoy Dey

India has been ranked 13th by CPJ or the Committee to Protect Journalists.

CPJ’s Impunity Index calculates the number of unsolved journalist murders as a percentage of each country's population. For this index, CPJ examined journalist murders that occurred between January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2010, and that remain unsolved. Only those nations with five or more unsolved cases are included on this index.

CPJ defines murder as a deliberate attack against a specific journalist in relation to the victim’s work. Murders make up more than 70 percent of work-related deaths among journalists, according to CPJ research. This index does not include cases of journalists killed in combat or while carrying out dangerous assignments such as coverage of street protests.


While it is understandable when Iraq tops the list, should India be in the list at all?

If we take a look at the countries that have taken a place in this list, it is imperative that we ask ourselves why India is in this list. Except for Brazil, all the rest of the countries are/were facing turmoil due to various reasons.

Statistical Table
Unsolved journalist murders per 1 million inhabitants for 2001-2010. Only nations with five or more unsolved cases are included. Cases are considered unsolved when no convictions have been obtained.


Yet again it shows how government after government has indulged in corruption. We also saw the 4th pillar of democracy (Media) being drawn into the vortex of corruption.

But now with the latest killing of senior Mumbai journalist Jyotirmoy Dey, should one wonder if majority of them are playing it safe?

This killing shocked the nation but will his killers be brought to justice?


Today I read that the journalists have begun a fast for CBI probe and I pray they persist until the culprits are arrested.This deserves the utmost support from every citizen too. The 4th pillar may have had lapses but when our nation does get journalists who put their life in danger just so as to expose the corrupt forces, then every citizen ought to join this fight. It deserves the same support that Anna Hazare is being given.

Dey had also met home minister R R Patil in May and submitted the state Anti-Corruption Bureau's adverse report on Mahabole. The officer was investigated after allegations that he helped Dawood's sister Haseena Parkar in an extortion case registered against her. This happened after Akela was booked under the Official Secrets Act for his story on the poor condition of the armoury where the Railways' weapons are stored. It was alleged that Mahabole had instigated the arrest.

Without a strong media, we shall never be able to root out the menace of corruption that is strangling the nation’s growth and threatening its stability.


  1. I agree, a strong, fearless media is essential. The murderers of J Dey must be caught and punished.

    But will this be possible in India, where politicians and crminals are often connected, and it is frequently difficult to get justice.....

  2. I agree and i hope and wish that evrybody supports and his killers are punished...I feel so frustrated when I see people like Dey getting killed.

  3. media needs protection and media needs to improve.
    JD murder shocked everyone but its difficult but real criminal will never get punishment.

  4. Manju: Yes.. it is frequently difficult to get justice and hence we have a Anna Hazare and also a Baba Ramdev fighting it out.... Things have to change drastically.

    Renu: Yes.. it is frustrating when we see jounalists and whistle blowers get killed and the killers geting away with the killing. This trend needs to be reversed ASAP.

    SM: A warm welcome to you..
    When even the judiciary fails, who shall protect them? The real criminals needs to be punished else people like JD lost their lives for the country in vain.


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