Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The aliens that live amongst us..

They dress, walk, eat, sleep and do everything just like the humans; yet they are not human.

And they cannot be Gods (though they believe and act so), for they do not live forever; they die like a common man.

But they have a unique name – politicians.

They may live in India, but no law can touch them. And in case it does, they get out in a jiffy. If the luxury in the jails is not good enough, they quickly seek hospitals. The more alien they are, the rarer would be their ailment; which makes it impossible to lead them out of the hospitals, unless they are told that they are freed from jail. They are quick to send petition in case their alien status is not recognized by the mere mortals.

Kerala row over release of Pillai

The moment the UDF government came to power, Pillai was allowed parole for almost 45 days citing the illness of his wife. And once the parole was over, he was forced to go back to jail. Thereafter he was admitted to a private hospital after he fell ill following a different kind of disease. Though CPM leaders opposed his parole and his admission into the private hospital, the UDF government ignored the protests. Now the UDF Government has taken a decision to release him.

Gali Petitions For Special Status in Jail

 Publish Date:Nov 1, 2011

The duo on Monday filed a petition in the CBI court seeking a special class prisoner status for them in the jail in accordance with Rule 730 of the AP Prisons Rules 1979.

Amar Singh seeks court's nod to go abroad for treatment

Press Trust of India

New Delhi: Two days after being discharged from hospital, Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh, an accused in the 2008 cash-for-vote scam case, has moved a Delhi court seeking its permission to go abroad for treatment of his kidney ailment.

In an application to Special Judge Sangita Dhingra Sehgal, Singh said he had been undergoing treatment at Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital following his kidney transplant and he needed to go there for regular check-up.

They may park millions abroad , but when caught, their names shall not be uttered. Even the media is scared to blurt them out.
Summons have also been issued to three Members of Parliament (MPs) from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala to appear for questioning at the Delhi office of I-T department's recently-set up Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI). The MPs would be asked to explain the source of funds in the Geneva accounts.

Yesterday, when an alien in the Finance Ministry was asked for the names of these great Members of Parliament; the lowly humans were informed that they do not have such privilege and hence to shut up.

Pranab Rules Out Disclosing Names Of MPs Having Foreign Funds

India TV Correspondent [ Updated 01 Nov 2011, 12:59:41 ]
The persons who are being summoned for offshore funds by the Income Tax department include three MPs, one each from UP, Kerala and Haryana, and an industrialist based in Mumbai.
The industrialist during questioning had admitted to having family accounts in HSBC Geneva with deposits totalling more than Rs 800 crore. One of the three MPs has Rs 200 crore in overseas accounts, the Times of India report said.

 What shall one do with these aliens?


  1. aliens should be sent to their land...

  2. Renu: Wish there was somewhere we could send them :)

  3. Perhaps we are the aliens in a land of such people?

  4. Anil: :).. yes we are.. nd now we need to find our land...


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