Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What is wrong with these people? Why can't they talk about something else?

Dam, dam , dam, dam dam.. damn!

The above lines may go through the minds of anyone else, but not a single Keralite, even if he now resides in the North Pole.

Frankly speaking, I have never seen Kerala united in such a manner!

The unity is such that it has even scared the wits out of the various political parties in the state. What relevance will they have now? It might have been quite a revelation too, to know that the Keralites can unite, without prodding, prompting, feeding (Biriyani & Toddy) and to hold placards either to march or go hungry.

In Kerala, one will find a bunch of supporters for any Tom, Dick or Harry… be it a dictator, a lousy world leader, a pop star, etc. etc. There will always be a few Keralites/Mallus ready to disagree on any damn subject on this earth. And mind you, they do come up with their own reasons for the same; you can either take it or leave it. [If this author (of the blog!) too comes up in your mind, you are right on spot :) ]

But never ever in the history of Kerala, has one seen such a strong unity.

Even if the mallu stopped sowing, he lost no sleep while spending more money to tuck into his favourite rice and veggies. Even if he stopped keeping a hen’s coop in his own house, he had no problem getting his chicken at a higher price from elsewhere. All he wanted was some peace (and a few more hartals too), while he let his otherwise lousy patience be tested to the utmost, when waiting for his turn of his favourite brand.

What made the complacent Malayalee wake up from his/her slumber and unite with one voice?

Well, the matter of fact is that Keralites were literally jolted. Although the Richter scale thankfully did not move up far enough to throw him out of his comfortable bed, it was enough to make him lose his sleep. The latest one was at 13 kms East of Erattupetta (Kottayam) - richter scale 3.2 on 25th Nov 11, while the earlier one was at Kallar near Idukki (3.1) on 18th Nov 11.

If a statement like the following in “Incredible Kerala” website was earlier read with pride, it is now read with nothing but pure horror in his mind.

“The Mullaperiyar Dam built across the river Periyar with Surki mix before 121 years, still exist as a wonder to the tourists.”

Surkhi is a mix of lime, sand, clay(or brick powder) and jaggery (sarkara) used as cement for joining building blocks.

And there is not just one dam, but many that has the destructive potential to change the entire history of Kerala and even Tamilnadu.

And now, when a few from the state of Tamil Nadu says that this dam should not be built or the water level not reduced, then it is not the same Malayalee who is now turning his head to respond.

He may have said nothing when they asked for water earlier; for he very well knew that it was for the vegetable and rice that may appear in own table. But now you are asking him to give up his very existence! Do you think he shall ?

P.S. Let me also add that there are many from the state of Tamil Nadu too, who have joined the Keralites in support.

The above is the combined effort of a Tamilian and a Keralite and I have taken in from Facebook  A documentary by C-Dit on the issue of Mullaperiyar Dam. A "must see" for keralites and tamilians.

There is also a news that Tamil Nadu has allocated in their budget almost 100 crores and this is being used over the years to shut the mouths of the Kerala politicians... .. 


  1. Entice a caged lion with a chunk of meat , which is easier or provoke Mallu with a cause for a hartal ?

    The later is quicker achieved.

    A few small tremors had to occur for the slumbering Mallus to voice like this. Is it not the very same political class who renewed the stupid lease to Tamilnad in 1970? What were the factors then that was seen as safe?

    I only hope that the provocation which the Keralites indulge - burning the effigy of the Fat lady next door will not result in a back lash. She can use her clout to seal the borders and starve the Mallus who will then have to drink the waters of Mullaperiyar to quench and also to bring the level down .

    And all this is probable when we have a weak prevaricating and procrastinating Prime Minister in New Delhi.

    The stuttering Oomen Chandy must ask the damsel next door to come forward for a frank one to one discussion to seal the matter once and for all.

  2. These things are quite doesnt know wheter to look for progress or safety?

  3. Anil: Yes Hartal's have been held at the drop of a hat.. but the unity we see in the case of Mullaperiyar is something new and it must have it's reasons.
    Hartals were easy to be held.. .all you needed were a few party workers on the road while the rest of Kerala would happily sit at home.
    But for the Mullaperiyar issue, none needed any persuasion. Protests started on it's own since this was something which threatened the very existence of Kerala.
    As for provocation, is it fair on anyone to expect those people living near the dam area to keep quiet? HAve we not seen worse kind of protests in other states for trivial reasons.
    Yes.. the PM is weak... so are our own political leaders... but they are now scared too and it is a good sign :)
    If there is no discussion then it is time for action since Kerala cannot afford to wait any longer.

  4. Renu: It sure is complicated.. but it needs an urgent solution. TN also needs to find means to store the extra water in the low lands when the water flow is at it's highest. Since land is is more abundant in TN than in Kerala, small catchment areas needs to be build to store water. If this is done, the water level can be reduced and the extra rain water will not be wasted. But with such corrupt leaders at the helm of affairs will they divert fund for such "trivial" reasons? Their love for the poor farmers are only in words.


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