Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is Tamilnadu in Pakistan?

An exasperated voice came from the TV in the living room while I was in the bedroom all warm and cozy since it is now winter here in Kuwait.

It must be from a participant in one of discussions held by a Malayalam TV channel and the subject being Mullaperiyar dam, I continued listening from the bedroom.

This Keralite’s frustration came from the fact that the government at the center has failed so far to bring TN and Kerala together for a discussion. He continued to tell the audience that if this is the state of affairs within two states in India, then how in world they are sorting affairs between India and Pakistan!

Yesterday, Kerala felt more tremors and so far within the last 9 months there have been more than 20 such tremors. Since they have been within Richter scale 4, one may just listen to the expert and conclude that nothing will happen. But these frequent tremors are a source of concern for the Keralites since it is something new. Is it pointing to a bigger earth quake in the future? Can the 100 year old dam withstand the frequent temors? How long should one wait in fear?

Do take a look at the SEISMICITY MAP given by the the Indian Meteorological Department:

Over the years, panic has spread among people of four districts of Kerala around the dam following cracks in the structure and repeated earthquakes in the region recently.

Instead of heeding to this genuine cry from the Keralites, the TN government has decided to play down this fear and is more interested in distributing pamphlets (in Kerala too) and giving speeches saying that Kerala is unnecessarily whipping up fear and is going to deprive water to the farmers in TN. Of course this can create panic in TN since many villages depend upon this water for their sustenance and it is very easy for them to turn hostile. And hostile they have turned and have wrecked shops, hotels and business establishments in TN owned by Keralites. Yesterday more than 4000 villagers marched to the Kumily border to avenge the killers of Tamil Workers in Kerala. But no such workers have been killed and shall be killed and this I know for sure. I grew up around this place; a beautiful place called Peerumade which continues to me the most beautiful place on earth.  The tea estate that I grew up has many from TN and they have been working there since many years. The Tamilians living in this area own land, shops and are present in all walks of the society and have assimilated well. The Keralites find no reason to harm them since they very well know that they are equally concerned about the state of the dam.

The entire state has only one slogan "Safety for Kerala and Water for Tamil Nadu".

It is time the TN government reigned in the villagers and explain them the fact that if this dam breaks, then there will no water for them for many years to come.

Instead, the CM of TN has written to the center that if Mullaperiyar dam breaks, Idukki dam will hold the water!

Referring to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s contention in her letter to the Prime Minister that Idukki dam could contain the waters if the Mullaperiyar dam broke, Mr. Chandy said this was a virtual admission by Tamil Nadu that the dam was weak.

How callous and inhuman can she be?

By this letter she is willing to brush away the life and property of those living in the vicinity of this dam.

Don’t they have any value?

And what if Iddukki dam fails to hold this water and everything that will come rushing into it?

I think only God can save a few Indians living in the south of India...

Edited to add the following:

Have seen many appealing passionately for those in the animal kingdom, if not for the humans. They must have their reasons especially after living in this world managed by humans… the following is for such activists.

The Periyar National Park in Thekkady, a Protected area of Kerala, is located around the dam’s reservoir, the 26 km2 (10 sq mi) Periyar lake. 62 different kinds of mammals have been recorded in Periyar, including many threatened ones. Periyar is a highly protected tiger reserve and elephant reserve. There are an estimated 53 tigers (2010) in the reserve. Tourists come here to view the Indian elephants in their natural habitat. The elephant number around 900 to 1000 individuals. Other mammals found here include gaur, Bison, sambar (horse deer), barking deer, mouse deer, Dholes (Indian wild dogs), mongoose,foxesand leopards. Also inhabiting the park, though rarely seen, are the elusive Nilgiri tahr. Four species of primates are found at Periyar – the rare lion-tailed macaque, the Nilgiri Langur, the commonlangur, and the Bonnet Macaque. According to a report by the Kerala Forest Research Institute, the protected area surrounding the dam and reservoir is classified as a biodiversity hot spot.

The above was taken from a site petitioning to save the dam….Yes.. please save the dam before it breaks by reducing the water level, while taking steps to construct a new dam which will continue to provide water to Tamilandu.


  1. I have still no idea about the facts of the matter.
    1- Why is Tamilnad obstinately against building of a new dam? Though water at current levels are assured to them.
    2- Is the concern put forth by Kerala genuine and based on impregnable expert opinion?

    Certainly a new dam construction is like a milch cow for bueracrats and politicians, who actually care a hoot for lives as long as their vote bank is intact.
    In fact one feels foul smell when the likes of K.M.Mani , Pinarayi Vijayan and P.J.Joseph quote Gandhi and his satyagraha etc and shout from the roof top that they will give their lives for the well being of Keralites.

  2. I think for TN, water is not the only issue though they are holding onto water. Electricity is also being generated from this water and they now fear that conditions may change once a new dam is build.... this should be one reason why they are also opposing a dam at a lower level.

    As for Kerala, contruction of a new dam will make contractors and politicians happy but if that was the only case this dam would have been built earlier and millions zyphoned.

    One cannot brush away the genuine fear of the people after the recent tremors..the politicians were forced to join them.

    As for our politicians, I was hoping some of them would be forced to keep up their words.. i.e to resign... it did not happen :)

  3. I cant understand the logic of two states fighting like they are enemies...arent they like brothers of a family..why be so selfish and think of yourself only? what is in the good of everyone.

  4. A good post. The basic point is that if the dam bursts, TN would not get even get a drop of water.

  5. Thanks for the post, Kitten.

    and thanks to SC which has pulled up both TN and kerala govts for whipping up sentiments. Rather than resolving this peacefully none of them look to take the first step forward. Equally callous has been response of central govt which never seems to understand the popular sentiments like in Telangana or Kerala & TN.

    All the executive decisions are now being left to SC to be conducted as usual.

    - Deeps

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @AT.. thank you very mcuh for the appreciation....Yes..the safety of the dam should be the priority of both the states.. but unfortunately TN refuses to see it that way.

    @ Deeps.. I think the people in Kerala has shown much restraint and one should appreciate it... even the court has taken to task the TN govt. for the advt. etc. it placed in the Newspapers. I continue to blv that TN govt. can do much more to store the excess water during the rainy season. Unlike other states, this is not a river sharing issue.
    but the politicians in both the states have been playing games and even if a new dam is going to be build, I hope it is not going to be another disaster in waiting.

  8. @Renu: Yes.. they ought to be like brothers, but as usual there are people waiting to flame the emotions. Hopefully things will not get out of control. But I do believe that if this dam was in TN, it would have been rebuilt years back.

    Both the states need to sit together and find ways to remove the fears. Water is essential for TN and cannot be denied at all.

  9. Any news about A defector's mystical disappearance?

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