Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Born at the wrong place!

If they are not killed in the womb, they are tortured while under their care!

How can a father beat, bite or posion a 3 year old helpless child only since it is of a gender that he never wanted? Did he not have a mother of the same gender or did he just fall from the sky? Oh you weakling!

The Bangalore Police arrested a man on Sunday on charge of battering his three-month-old daughter as he wanted a son and was allegedly unhappy with the delivery of the baby girl instead. Sustaining serious head injuries, the infant has since been battling for life in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a city hospital.

The police said the accused, Umar Farooq, had attacked the baby girl, Afreen, twice in the past. The incident of the baby's suspected torture by her father came to light when her mother Reshma Bano took the infant to government-run Vani Vilas Hospital for treatment
Hope this man is jailed forever.



  1. Did some one say human beings are at the upper end of the scale of living things? And all other creatures are low in comparison?

  2. sickening ...

    - deeps

  3. such people shouldnt be called father or even human beings..

  4. Today she battles for her life and slips into a coma.. guess since none wants her in this world, let her find peace in the next one..

    Anil: They are not human.. wish such Fathers are never born into this world.

    Deeps: It is sickening and sad...

    Renu: YEs Renu.. hope each state stars a "cradle" where they can leave these girls instead of doing such acts against them. They can in turn given over to couples who crave for children. Not sure how many states have adopted it.

  5. Hi Team,

    We worked on a 2 min. short film on female foetecide issue which sends across the message for this terrible menace in our society in a lighter way. Hope you would like it.




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