Saturday, April 28, 2012

Forgiveness = 1 crore

Yes.. that is the price for forgiveness in God's own country. Until then, they were hell bent on getting justice. They wanted the Italian marines to be jailed and given maximum punishment. But 1 crore changed everything. The boat owner has even changed his stance; he says he is no longer sure if it is the same ones who killed the fishermen.

The relatives of the dead fishermen has heard a good earful from the court. They rightly said that they shall no longer entertain such cases and that their time has been wasted.

It required only 1 crore to evoke Christ's style of forgiveness. For sure they were tutored by their well meaning priests but the Keralites were ridiculed enmass when they wanted the Italians to go free. They could have just accepted the compensation and let the case run it's course but instead they went ahead and told the court that they wanted the case against the Italians cancelled. And since the government itself was looking forward to the same, it has become easy.

Methinks, GOC can become a sought after tourist destination for trigger happy beings. You can shoot to kill if you have enough money to pay for it!

And who knows, these Italians may soon be on their way to become saints too. After all, how else would these family have ever seen 1 crore. The Church may have been praying hard for these poor Italians, if not for the fishermen's family.


  1. I feel there is no harm in forgiving..atleast these fishermen's family can live peacefully now..whatevr has happened, is done, cant be undone now..

  2. Look, right from the beginning the whole episode seemed to have been manipulated by vested political interests to extract some brownie points.
    Under what provocation or circumstance the marines fired the fatal shots is only known to the Italians. And also the fishermen.

    That must have been probably an error in judgement by the marines. The wisest thing was to settle the issue after honest ascertain of the facts and a fair penalty or call it compensation or blood money and close the matter. Now the whole of EU knows the way God's own country men conduct jurisprudence.

  3. Renu: There is nothing wrong in forgiving. But this forgiveness should have come in the beginning and not at a cost of 1 crore. The whole state has been ridiculed by this incident.

    Anil: Yes,, it was predictable with the Church involved from the onset. No wonder we still being called a developing nation.. Even the court has been taken for a ride. The family of the dead fishermen should have just let the Church settle the matter. The Italians could have avoided a jail term! Whatever, will this set a precedent for other such cases?


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