Thursday, September 13, 2012

Justice will be done.

When this comes from the President of the United States of America, we believe it. Obama stated this in response to the brutal killing of the US ambassador to Libya yesterday. 

Barack Obama vowed on Wednesday to hunt down the killers of US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans during an assault on its mission in Benghazi as suspicion grew that the diplomat was the victim of an organised attack by an Islamist group.

Yes, they will avenge the killing for sure. But if I am to shift this scenario to India my mind refuses to conjure such an image. Can you imagine MM Singh uttering such words and even if he ever utters them will you believe him? We are yet to punish Kasab. We don’t have even have any clue of the Indians who helped him. Never mind terrorism, let us talk about the other burning issue: corruption. Scan after scam has eroded every Indian’s trust in our democracy, yet has he done anything to restore the trust. Instead of assuring us that justice will be done, he discredits the institution that was only doing it’s job. It is similar to a company’s CEO ranting against the auditors whose only job is to set accounts straight.

Yesterday MM Singh was in Kerala to inaugurate “Emerging Kerala” and did open his mouth to give nothing to Kerala. He only promised yet again (this was promised 8 years ago) that he shall give an IIT. God knows when! 

But our much ‘beloved’ economist who asserted that 32 RS is enough to live in India said that Kerala should not look for food security and but use the paddy fields and import food from other states! It really proves that he knows nothing about Kerala.

For Kerala the low lying lands are necessary for many other reasons, ground water table being the main one. If one is to raise land and construct concrete structures it will be a total disaster. As for food security, Kerala has not forgotten what happened when Mullperiyar Dam issue was at its peak. Tamilnadu stopped sending vegetables and milk and there was none from the center to intervene. In fact one wondered if Tamilnadu was not part of the Indian states but from Pakistan!

Anyway like every other Keralaite let me dream of a Kerala which shall indeed emerge from its lethargic state. Let me also hope that India will one day have a leader like Obama.

Tall dreams I am sure!


  1. Well, well, good to be optimistic and have hope. However I would like to rant in praise of skepticism and pessimism.

    The lethargy that Keralites are now in as you say has been there since I have known things. It has gotten worse due to the intermittent communist revival through elections. The khadhi clad gentry are no exception either.

    If Kerala must awake from slumber and come out of the abyss that she is falling into, it will depend upon the new generation the youth.
    But look at our academic excellence, it is pathetic. Then how can we expect a miraculous awakening from slumber?

    Emerging Kerala and all those kinds of fancy slogans are inspiring and salable. But the fate can be like the GIM that Kunnhali Kutty the Casanova hosted a few years back.

    Ahluwallia's exhortation to forget paddy cultivation and import from neighbouring states is a ploy, a portent statement of things to come. The big business lobby wants to corner whatever remaining farm lands the state has (like the ostentatious airport in Aranmulla- a cruel joke!). Kerala is in for destruction. And whether be it the communist or the congress the fate of the State is ominously the same.

    A decade from now, the house boats on Vembanad will sit like ghost ships on parched land. Green paddy fields and lush hills will be leveled. The carnage is about to begin. And masses are too busy divided communally and religion wise more keen to fight the other, while Rome burns

  2. HK..
    the lethargy will continue so long as the regular feed from the NRI's continue...

  3. Anil: You are right... Kerala is on it's way to doom... there are many who think otherwise and these are the folks who is going to give Kerala away. They think that by cooperating with those who are bringing development to Kerala they are doing a good job. Little do they know that they are only giving the devil a good leverage. For Kerala IT parks, hospitals and educational institutes are the hope for the future and not Airports and industries that will pollute. These shall never survive for long and the Keralites know for sure. As for tourism, they dont need to build more hotels, but take care of the existing infrastructure like roads, transport systems like the KSRTC, build more way side amenities etc. But who is listening?

  4. Maddy: This will continue for a few more years.. i read that KSA has only 20 years more of oil.. but Keralties will find another country and the remittance shall continue :)

  5. This is true of every state, they need educational institutions and hospitals more than anything, but what we malls and airports and cars, but roads are not built..

    your wishes are mine too..

    and Thanks for asking my whereabouts:)


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