Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ken Follet

Finished reading The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follet. It is many years since I read the “Eye of the needle” by the same author. But Ken can really get one glued on to the book until it is finished. I like this too. And now I am onto his book “Jackdaws”.

Actually I came across this author once again when I read “The Pillars of Earth” but unfortunately it was an e-book and was only the first volume. I tried my best to find the second one but couldn’t. It left me real frustrated since it was too good. It felt like someone taking away half a cup of the tea that you were enjoying. I will surely look for this title the next time I am in India. But if any of my readers can give me an e-version... that would be like winning a lottery!


  1. I have read every single book of his and hv even corresponded with him on a particular subject relating to a book of his. so shocked was i when i got a explanatory reply...check out his website, it is great..

    The new book that sequels 'pillars..' is just out -'world without end'. it is too new, so u may not find an ebook ...hopefully u hv read 'eye of the needle', 'triple' & 'Key to rebecca'...all his books are good..

  2. I did go through his wbsite earlier..

    I finished with Key to Rebecca and am now woth Jackdows... i have the full version of World w/a end. which I hope to read soon and then finish it off with "Eye of the needle"


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