Monday, January 14, 2008


The whole world is talking about Tata and the cheapest car.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with the man behind all this rufus..

What do you think this will signal within the country and what is the confidence that it will give others, like what happened with acquisitions. Once you acquired Corus, everybody thought they could go out and do the same. Do you think in terms of innovation this will mark a watershed in India?

I don't want to in any way sound professorial, but what I think this does indicate is that when you set a bunch of young Indian engineers a goal that most people around the world think is not possible, it is significant that they are able to achieve it. One of the things I would like to say on record is that people may well criticise Tata Motors, or me, for adding congestion, but how about giving recognition to the bunch of young engineers who did something everyone thought was not possible?

Why not accept that India did something and young Indian engineers have done something that even people elsewhere in the world thought could not be done? So if there is a lesson from this it is that we can do other things also that the world thinks can't be done. And why don't we stand up and applaud those young guys who did it? I did not do it, Ravi did not do it, these young guys did it!

He does deserve the applause from one and all. It all started with his desire to provide an affordable car to the Indian masses, although he doesnt deny his business objective too. But his concern is genuine. It is no wonder that millions trust this business house and will continue doing so.

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  1. Tata has actually pulled into the wide world of innovation with this car. You must have recently read news of the HCL laptop costing 14K. Indians are goign to lead the world in innovation..

    good writing and the voracous reading u r doing is good.

    a working mother finding time for all this is great !!



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