Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rise up Pakistan

Suddenly we see it everywhere. In the various editorials, in blogs, during discussions. The care and concern for our neighbouring country. 50 and more years have widened the gap between the two countries specially in the economic front. But the culture and the mentality of its people have not changed. They still treat each other as the long lost brother separated by a fence which they would love to tear down if it was possible. Though their ego sometimes does not let them admit freely, they still care for each other.

But for some Indians is this show of concern out of their selfishness? After all, a stable Pakistan will do only good to India. Trouble with them will spell only trouble in many ways to India too.

It is not as though democracy is the best weapon, but it is the only good one for the moment. The Pakistani’s need to strive towards achieving a democratic government which can keep the army and the extremists bridled. It should also show the world that it can manage its affairs without outside interference. But for this to happen they better start finding a good leader to start with.

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