Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back in business

Sadly we are back into business in the shortest time.

I thought the issue with the “dog’ would die within the mallu world, but no, even the national mainstream newspapers seem to have forgotten the horrible days the country just left behind. I am not providing any links to the news papers since none has been fair. Keralites are not new to their CM and their own colloquial language. In my opinion the ‘dog’ word is the mildest word that the mallu uses in his day-to-day dealings. But like me there are many who respect the CM even for his quirks. Everyone accepts the Father’s feelings too and if the media is to be believed, he had no issues with the CM during the telephone talks. The same media and citizens who shouted foul when Major Unnikrishnan was identified as a Malayalee, in the same tone whined when there was no ministerial representation, except for the political secretary from the Kerala ministry.

We tolerated the electronic media during those dark moments with utmost patience although it was not easy at times, but I believe it is time the media stopped short and did a self study. We lost brave men and there is nothing the country can give their family in return except gratitude. Nothing will suffice since only those who have lost their loved ones can understand the feelings. But for the sake of their utmost sacrifice for the country, this not the time to lose focus on the main issue. This is not the time to aid the parties to take political mileage and knowing well our politicians, it is up to the citizens and the media to get them into running the nation. Sadly we need them all at this moment to govern the country and not to fill the roads with “protestors” for insignificant issues.

For once, India is not alone in her pursuit of terrorism. Pakistan, though reluctantly is ready to cooperate. War is not the answer for any issue and we have all learnt our lessons. We do not want history to give us a repeat. Even in the battle of Kurukshetra in Mahabharata, diplomacy was given a chance until the end even when there were mighty warriors ready to give up their lives. We need every resources and the help of the citizens to root out the menace the nation is facing. If the media is to be believed there were more terrorists and they might be still in the country aided by our own worthless citizens. These terrorists did not work alone and cannot work alone in the future. There needs to be meaningful discussions in the main stream media on this issue. So far I have seen none.


  1. Happy Kitten, yes we again seem to have forgotten quickly. When you have so many competing 24/7 channels and rootless anchors, that is what is going to happen.

    About "WAR", why is every one so afraid? Two decades of diplomatic effort has got you nothing. You can keep trying that for two more decades and will only find that you have lost count of the dead. This scourge cannot be defeated by "protecting" ourselves. It has to be given a knock out punch. The only thing that planners have to do is decide when, where and with how much force. Otherwise, this drama of death will not stop.

  2. Well Vinod, I am sure that is what every Indian wants to do.. wipe away from this world all those who are behind this.
    And it is not the fear of war, but its consequences. As Indians we may be seeking justice by war, but I am sure there are many others who want war for other reasons.

    And Since Pakistan refuses to acknowledge the obvious, I fear we are heading towards it. But then we need accountability from our own people too before the focus is shifted. We need to put our house in order first. Now that people are seeking answers, the authorities will be forced to act. We don’t want our soldiers facing fire while the same old babus gets away with their inefficiency.

  3. Using force against terrorism alone is not the answer. the tragedy is all the making of the self styled ignorant mullas who are leading people astray. nobody dares to go against them for fear of inciting the public. so instead of just using force against terrorism, stop separatist principles like separate madrasas, unique languages and special religious laws for one minority. Naturally one has to be prepared to assimilate if one has to live with others in the same world. And assimilation is not in any way departing from ones religious core!!

  4. But i must tell you our politicians are really a joke. no status, no standing, no dignity, no culture they just come across as a bunch of buffoons..

  5. War is not a solution, discussions don't take us anywhere. So what is left???

    All responsibilities are on ordinary citizens like us. We have to create public awareness, we have to defend ourselves. You think we bloggers can make a difference?

    I invite your opinions on "Rebuild India Mission" post in my blog.


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