Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oil price…

Oil price went up.. the world complained and rallied against the high price...

Now the oil price is going down and the world complains even more for the falling prices..

And we still expect God to listen to our prayers.


  1. Economics is so complicated. Oil price went up due to speculation, it came down coz of recession and lack of demand. And the sad part is nobody knows what is gonna happen next and no one has control over the prices. This is a mystery just like God !!!

    BTW I have added ur blog in my list. Hope its alright with u:)

  2. It is kind of you to add me to your blog..

    it is times likes these that prove that there is a God :)

  3. Many years ago when i worked in the MEast it was under $20 a barrel. Now it is $38 or so. I think this is where the oil price should be. Rest of it is all speculatory.

  4. Maddy, we hope some are satisfied with this price.. but then does human nature tolerate "satisfaction"?

  5. Hi, Thanks for the kind wishes.

    Wish u and ur family a prosperous year ahead, filled with Joy and Happiness:)


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