Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is it over?

It has been very depressing the last 3 days and I could not control the way the events affected me. Maybe I should have just stopped watching the news.

Let me take my frustrations on my blog.

The media has been comparing the Mumbai blasts to the Sept 11 attack. But for the Americans, their anger and frustration were quickly directed to the military assaults that Bush began. They had a vent for their feelings. It might not have been difficult for them to watch their planes bombard a far of land which most of them had never heard before.

But for us Indians the frustration has only begun. For a few hours, we thought Pakistan was serious when they agreed to sent the ISI chief over to India to help with the investigations. But, it was just another one of their feeble attempt in bravado; the ISI and many other elements are not under the control of the government. Pakistan continues to be a failed state. As for an assault, it will only take the life of the innocents. But then I remember that Obama wanted to take on Pakistan, for reasons I am sure he had plenty.

The Indian media was kind during the last 3 days I should say, by keeping the appearance of the politicians to the barest minimum. How can one watch the arrogant faces of those who had a say over the security aspects? As for the Home Minister, I had only a morbid interest on his suits and he has not let the viewers down on that aspect. I am also tired of watching our PM being ushered in by Sonia. Does he still not know his way around? Our politicians, including Modi will only continue their games.

But as citizens, it is time we raised our voice for our heroes. When the nation is ready to spend millions for the economy in 'deals', can’t they not equip our soldiers and task forces with proper gears? If there is no security, is there are an economy?

As for the ideology of the cowards, it is from the devil himself. One need not give a second thought on that. They shoot indiscriminately on a helpless crowd and then ask for specific Passport holders.

I pray that this event unites our nation and we learn valuable lessons. These events should not repeat and those precious lives that were lost should not be in vain.


  1. Un-Happy Kitten. All Indians share your grief and anger. The only ones who don't are the ones who have protected themselves at our expense and left us to fend for ourselves. If this nth 9/11 does not wake them up then I fear something very drastic will happen. I hope they see sense before that.

  2. very well put. for once, i am glad to say that all indians around the world and other global citizen share the same thoughts and we're all unified in this cause.


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