Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sr. Abhaya

Even if justice has not been meted out to Sr. Abhaya after 16 long years of investigation, we in Kerala should be satisfied to note that this case has proved yet again that that two (for the time being) Government agencies are in dire need of termination. We should ask the “lying” media to keep aside their clamor for Sr. Abhaya and instead ask the court to start the relevant procedures to scrap these agencies, that seems to have nothing to show in their achievements over the years they have been in service.

The first one being CBI.

I checked to see how they have gone one about with their recruitment so as to have selected such “incompetent” candidates. This is what I have copied from their official site.

2.1 Executive Ranks :
(i) The Director, Special Directors and Addl. Director are recruited exclusively by
deputation of the officers of Indian Police Services, who have been approved for
appointment as Director General of Police/and Additional Director General of Police
under the Government of India respectively. Recommendations for appointments are
made by a CBI Selection Board headed by Central Vigilance Commissioner and Home
Secretary, Secretary (Co-ordn & PG), Cabinet Secretariat as Members. The views of the
incumbent Director are considered by the Board for making the best choice. Final
selection to these posts of CBI is made by the Appointment Committee of the Cabinet
from the panel recommended by the aforesaid CBI Selection Board. The Director, CBI
shall have a minimum tenure of 2 years regardless of the date of his superannuation.

This also brings another fact to light; the Indian Police Services also needs to be scrapped since they are the ones who have given birth to these candidates.

The next in line should be the Directorate of Forensic Science under which comes the STATE FORENSIC SCIENCE LABORATORIES.

And after all these has been done, the innocent believers can rest in peace; in assurance that the Church (any) cannot be anything else but pure and holy as Jesus Christ himself.


  1. It is this lack of professionalism, as you have brought out, that is responsible in great measure to the mess that this country is may find this post about the state of the police in Mumbai useful...

  2. The root cause of the problem is not these two agencies. They are forced by the government. The politicians who runs the government is influenced by church coz they have a powerful vote bank under them. A vote bank, whose members does not have a mind to think, they are just a bunch of programmed robots who act according to Church's instructions.

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  4. Vinod, I still blv we have able officers but they are not allowed to perform due to obvious reasons.

    Ajith, I think u missed the satire :)

  5. No one can disagree with you...the system has stymied many outstanding officers.

  6. Inspite of all attempts to bury the case ,due to the existence of few people who cannot be purchased by money or influence after so many years the culprits were booked.But I am sure church will find ways to get them out free and declare that truth won finally.We all know truth can only lose and never ever win.Because truth has no money and influence.It has only very few honest persons to depend on whose number is dwindling day by day

  7. Thomas; thank you for your comments. Let us hope that the justice will prevail when I believe that God can use even one honest individual.


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