Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Came across this chilling video as I went blog trotting and passed by Vinod’s blog post. It left me depressed and helpless since I couldn’t help seeing my daughter in her. I can do nothing but I can at least vent my feelings on my blog. I do not know where it has happened but can very well guess. But for sure it continues to happen. I will never understand how murder can be a lesser sin. I will also never understand how a girl/woman who was until then a daughter or a sister or a mother becomes an object to be crushed out, be it for any reason.

But when I look at my daughter who will soon turn 13, I am worried. How will this world be when she is ready to face it? Will she be too strong or too weak to face this world? If she is strong, will her strength make her suffer? I do not know.

But all I know now is that there are many helpless girls out in our world crying for help that is never coming.

I think I was lucky to be born in a place and time that was less complicated. So maybe I can only pray that my daughter’s world will also be thus. But then I also pray that these men who have never “sinned” will soon be born as woman in the same place.


  1. The video is terrible, people are worse than pre historic tribes. ALl in the name of some religious text written centuries ago. It is depressing ..

  2. Ajith; wish I had not watched it.. did not sleep last night...

  3. HK - I cried. Yes, I too have a daughter of same age.

    God said - let the man who has not sinned, cast the first stone.

    These people don't deserve to be born again. Let them rot in hell.

  4. It happened to me when i watched a movie 'osama' . Brillinat story of a girl in Afghanistan. I was down for days after watching it..

    give it a try and you will see how civilized even the nudging, pinching, comment passing malayali's are..

  5. The world is going MAD!
    The mental makeup of some men...
    How horrifying!
    It will take I don't know how much time to calm my mind!

  6. Looks like India is going the same way, starting with Karnataka.,-says-shruthi-150

  7. Kat: Yes, they deserve the best place in hell.

    Maddy: I guess I will not be watching such scenes for a long time.. it leaves me depressed.

    Indrani: Horrifying is the word

    RM: I pray it does not go that way. Besides majority of Indians just doesnt fall into this category. But such incidents can be an eye opener for those who have started to think on that line.

  8. but it is still a great movie - watch it if you can

  9. I am not watching the video - couldn't watch the complete video in my post either- but I read the articles and the linked articles. We are becoming so primitive and tribal, it seems perverts and serial killers have got the power to control normal people.

  10. IHM: It is better that you do not watch it.. I did not sleep a wink that night..

    and yes.. we are a lucky lot....


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