Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vote for BJP!

Why am I saying that?

Did it suddenly dawn on me that BJP is better than Congress? (2 main National parties).

Frankly speaking it hasn’t. Sitting far away from the election heat and die hard voters who may influence my opinion, it was easy to watch both parties impartially. And none of them scored better until I picked up just this from Adwani.

"If NDA returns to power then we’ll force Indian citizens to bring back their wealth to India and use the money here.”

Earlier I did read email forwards on this “Swiss money” but kept wondering if it could be really true. But then the cynic in me told that every political party and their benefactors would have their share. If money can be so easily stashed away by ruling parties then BJP just did not have enough time to siphon it!

But now they have a chance to prove that they are different. If this is not just an election rhetoric and if Advani really has the nation’s interest at heart then he needs to keep no other promise. This money is more than enough to take India on the onward road to glory that it truly deserves.

And today I read this article from S Gurumurthy. His articles have always been thought provoking and at times provocative too. But then truth sometimes hurts.

Secret wealth abroad

02 Apr 2009 08:11:30 AM IST

Switzerland has been accused of giving shelter to black money and there has been a lot of inflow of such wealth from India and other countries of the world.” This is not L K Advani, on election mode, speaking last Sunday, but the Swiss ambassador to India briefing the media in Delhi last year.

The occasion was the 60th anniversary of Indo-Swiss Friendship Treaty. Admitting that Indian black money gets hoarded in his country, he added that the new law in Switzerland would, not stop it, but control it “up to a certain limit”.


  1. Very Interesting, Happy Kitten! I did read a lot of articles/blogs which indicated that Advani was going on about this 'Swiss Money' thing with no real facts with him.. But this article surely indicates otherwise.. Lets see how this shapes up.. Althouh I am sceptical, whether Advani will actually do anything about this, if he gets into power... After all, every party must be having their share in the Swiss Banks - however small it might be...Lets wait and watch.

  2. The BJP was in power for only five years. That time was not enough for greenhorns to open their own accounts in Swiss banks. So, Advani knows that all the money belongs to Congressmen, bureaucrats, police officers, businessmen and criminals. So, he is certainly going to go after it. Look at the benefit to the BJP: a LOT of money comes back to India and political rivals get exposed too. Win-win!

  3. yeah, Advani has told us he would.... but would he really do that is the question..... :)

    Sorry for being so cynical...

  4. During election campaigns, leaders will deliver unrealistic promises. Mr Advani himself knows that this promise is not as easy as hanging Afsal Guru. I am 100% sure that he ll not be able to deliver this promise coz he do not have enough power to challenge mighty swiss banks. Advani forgot that he is contesting in India and not in America :)
    My job involves Anti Money Laundering for a western bank. I know exactly how these things work. Take my advice, Advani can't even touch one rupee of it. One thing he can do is bring back a portion of BJP's black money from there and fool people.

  5. I am not sure weather he will do it.... this may be just another election stunt....MUSHARAF was really successful in bringing back Pakistan's money from swiss....

    Let's wait and watch

  6. let me at least be relieved that none of my blogger frnds r holding a Swiss account! :)

    Smitha: even I did some reading and was doubtful abt the whole thing! but then I have hrd people say that the only reason why some continue to hold on to politics is to protect the wealth that they have managed to loot from the common people..

    Vinod: I dont really find BJP an innocent party but then since they did not have enough time then may be they are in a better position to keep this promise..

  7. Ajit: yes.. during election time we hear a lot of promises... but then this time there is going to be a better participation from the middle class and I hope they force those elected to power to keep their promises...

    Ajith: u do dash my hopes.. but then let me still hope :)

  8. Sundar: welcome here.. would love to read ur blog too if u would only let me.

    didnt know that Musharaf brought the money in.. but then wouldnt this money have gone to his own accounts?

  9. Ajith: I hope u can do a little bit research and let us know if is indeed possible to bring this money in... we read that Obama has taken up this since this same money is being used by terrorists..

    but then if it is possible, then lots of problems in our country can be solved.. it can dilute the religious and other divides that obstructs the growth of our country.. development is what India needs..development across every sector..

  10. @HK - 1/3rd of world's hidden wealth is in Swiss banks. They are known for privacy and protection of clients' assets and information. The western countries have started implementing anti money laundering laws only after 9-11. But still Swiss bank accounts are safe heaven for criminals and corrupt politicians across the world.

    Recently Swiss authorities have started working with US to expose people who fund terrorists. Advani is not Obama, and he can never exert pressure on Swiss banks. Their banking laws are framed to hide illegal money. US is not bothered about other third world dirty money unless the money is used to help terrorists who are a threat to them. So if Mr Advani can claim that he ll bring this money back, I can claim that I am dating Katrina kaif :)

    Sorry to shatter ur hopes :)

  11. @ Ajith u did shatter my hopes.. so let me officially withdraw my request :)

  12. I think the comment by Vinod Sharma explains it all...


  13. @ Scorpio: thanks for passing by..

    guess it is best to keep hoping that someone will bring that money back...if it can ever be done..

  14. Whether Advani brings money or not, the problem with BJP's politics is that it is not vested on the issues related to the poor people of India. It is based on fundamentalist thoughts, promise of building temples and cleansing the Hindu nation with the blood of the non Hindus. Again the fact is that BJP is not Advani or Vajpayee alone. They are the Bajrang Dals, the RSS, the Rama Senas (though BJP may not own them), the Vanavasi Kalyan Samithis, and who knows where all they have links. Unless a political party has a secular agenda and unless the party cadre believe in a secular India, India is not going to change much. Personal based politics of the Gandhi's or the Advani's is not the solution. It is an irony that the educated youth of India are hitech but does not have the common sense to see through these hollow promises. It is also high time that the professional colleges, the IITs and so also teach these youngsters some common sense. Just pure, cool headed common sense!!..

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  16. Raghu: thanks for passing by..

    Well, it is not that we have forgotten BJP’s agenda.

    If Congress has kept the communal divide alive by appeasing the minorities, BJP has taken the opposite course. It is only that sometimes, one tends to hope that these people would have learned from their mistakes and may change.

    A fool’s hope?

  17. Yes, I agree with Happy Kitten. Very much. But look at the way, these leaders take the youth for granted. The hyper propaganda on the net, on TV all point to the consumerist mode of reaching out to the youth. And we youth? we distance ourselves from the ground reality and are easily taken away by their false promises. History repeats and they come and go again and again..yes...fool's hopes.


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