Monday, May 31, 2010

Who is guilty?

Should I write about Canada’s high-handedness or about the Maoists?

The Canadians have apologized and I found another blogger who has shown her angst pretty well. 

As for the Maoists, it is time our PM acted. No more inactivity due to a guilt plagued heart. And this is not the time for politics.

“We have to see who can benefit politically from this killing. Why did the incident occur just before the May 30 civic elections? A leader of a ruling political party had earlier said there can be bloodshed, and here is the proof. The incident took place in order to harm the image of Mamata Banerjee and to stop the political change,” said Suvaprasanna, a painter with Trinamool leanings and who has been appointed chairman of the Passenger Amenities Committee of the Railways.

We do not know who is playing politics with people's lives. Do YOU have any idea?

The ordinary citizen voted you to power since your honesty stood above the rest and is it not a proof of the nation’s collective conscience?

And it was the same conscience that prompted many to speak against the idea of our own army men kill our brethren. Maybe there are still a few who are under the illusion that the Maoists are indeed people with noble hearts and whose only aim is to help the poor. But enough is enough and those innocents who lost their lives may have not hoped that under your leadership their lives would improve in a jiffy but the least they would have hoped for was their life itself.
Do you want to deny their right to life as well?

Or do you want every other country as naïve as Canada to think along the same lines?

And now if many call you weak can you deny the allegation?

I truly hope this letter written by blogger Sush reaches you...



  1. I think the Maoists already owed up for this one and even said it was a mistake as they got the wrong tracks !!

    They meant to take out the cargo train....Not sure what good it would have done !!

  2. Hey Guys, dont be so childish..

    I went thru the NDTV site. Nowhere it is mentioned that Canada is denying citizenship to all.
    May be this Sidhu got into their black list due to some reason- legitimate or illegitimate!

    Donno y our journos have this tendency to potray India as wronged by China,USA,Pakistan and now Canada

    As for Maoists I am very well against the popular opinion and live under illusions.... No comments

  3. KK: Another of their tactics? and as though they have never killed an innocent before..

    Jon: Then what was the need for an apology?

    Thankfully those who are under illusions are slowly waking up... you can take your time :)

  4. What I meant was it's no official policy by Canadian gov. Some diplomatic hiccup...
    Much ado ado about nothings

    zzzz. I am still (happily) asleep!!!

    Thankfully you pointed out some nexus between the politicians and Maoists

    And I am quite sure the current superstar would be having some deals

  5. The Canadians have apologised; the confusion was limited to perhaps one diplomat.

    The Maoists are, shorn of the cover of a brutal, failed ideology, killers without a conscience. But then so are our politicians - across parties - who sleep with them whenever it suits them. They have blood of innocents on their hands too.

  6. I cannot but help at the naivety of people like Jon. Whose side are they on? India or Maoists or worse, Canada?
    But living in an illusion is different from living in a fool's paradise. It is when unaware people who couldn't care less for this country try to speak up for the masses that I start believing why we are in such a mess today.
    And thanks a lot for the links to my posts.

  7. Canadians have apologised on the expected lines--after making their point very cleverly.
    As for all other issues including Maoists, I think blame lies with the govt. This govt is behaving in a very irresponsible manner which has made our lives difficult, be it security, Naxals, inflation, governance etc.
    We have voted a govt to power to govern and if they fail, they must make place for others to come and take place.
    I think time for just expressions is over.
    BUT, BUT, Cong will still come back to power when we go to polls

  8. I have a small theory on this Canada stuff. The nature of the visa denials force me to think that this was done by a contingent if Pak born Candians in the Embassy. Canada is hugely multi-cultural and may be a few screwed-up Pakis worked their way up into the Embassy and did this to our soldiers. Let me add my share of masala and speculation to the tale, since I see a few crocodile-tears for Canada here. :P

  9. I wish to apologize for my ridiculous statement about Jon. It was wrong on my part to have said what I did. I guess I just got carried away by my sentiments. Once again, my due apologies to Jon.

  10. Vinod:Rightly said.. it is not just the Maoists who have the blood of the innocents on them..

    Sush: A warm welcome to you and I am only glad to post your link.. you need to be read.

    BKC:BUT, BUT, Cong will still come back to power when we go to polls.... since one still does not have a choice.. where is the opposition? I dont hear their voice at all..

    Scorpio: Guess you could be right too..or some Canadian officials mistook our Army personnel for the Pakistanis... here in Kuwait the hardest to get is a visa for a Pakistani :)

    Sush: Appreciate your sentiments.. Let Jon tell us if an apology is needed..


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