Monday, November 14, 2011

A tribute..

Yesterday, I read with much sadness that one of my favourite blogger has left this world.

I have never met her, although she is known to one of my relations who teaches in the same college that she worked.

Always wanted to friend her in Facebook.. but was not sure if she would accept.

She wrote brilliantly; her mastery of the English language was there to see in every blog entry. A courageous blogger who could take the bull by the horn. Always looked forward to her jottings; sometimes to disagree.

She also wrote separately about her fight with cancer. I salute her indomitable spirit.

Rest in peace dear soul. You shall be missed terribly by many of us.


  1. What! KPJ passed away!? Asha,this is devastating news. I missed meeting her while I was in Kerala for Onam but promised to meet next time round. Oh...

    RIP ma'm.You've been pristine with your language and advice. You'll live among us as long as your words enlighten the pages of the web.

  2. that was a very sad bit of news this morning, i have read many of her blogs and admired the contents...may her sould rest in peace..

  3. Anish & Maddy: Yes it was a devastating news. I discovered KPJ a bit late and hence missed reading her initial entries. After her departure, I spent more than a day in her blog reading almost every entry.... many a times I wanted to post a comment and then sadly remembered that she is not there to respond.
    She wrote very well.. much better than some of the current columnists in our media. Maybe because she was able to express her mind freely.. Shall miss her very badly.

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