Sunday, February 12, 2012


And why?

Because I am an INDIAN!

Says who?

Says Ipsos, the 3rd global market research company.

Ipsos began tracking happiness in the 24 countries in 2007 conducting it twice annually until March 2010 when the survey became monthly. Examining the timeframe between April 2007 and October 2011 invites the question: are we happier now than we were then?

But since I am in the age group (35-49), I am supposed to be less happier than those who are under the age of 35 (25%)  and as I grow older, I may not be happier!

ISPOS also found that it is citizens in Europe who drag the global average assessment of happiness downward as only one in six (15%) say they are ‘very happy’.



  1. Ha , this must be a howler for sure.

  2. I also read it and was surprised too...practically i feel that Indians are biggest cribbers , whereas I have seen that In Switzerland most of the people are happy and contented sort.

    1. Maybe those in Europe have higher expectations since they have already reached a standard the world has set....

  3. Anil: Ha ha.. a joke or truth? since some of us are not really in India, not sure what to make of this. Maybe the expectations of the rest of the world are higher?

  4. The exact question asked was ‘Taking all things together, would you say you are very happy, rather happy, not very happy or not happy at all?’.

    A very straightforward question I would say.. but then I am not sure who got to answer these questions.

    1. Well Kitten, i felt the question was rather vague. People from subcontinent may like to view the question from family perspective and anxious to assert they are indeed happy (which many might be) they might have given a positive answer.

      Funny how such surveys are then projected as reflecting the national mood on governance, economy etc. These surveys seem to be now annual rituals like those weird sex surveys.

      - Deeps

    2. Deeps: Yes such surveys are no good, in fact dangerous, if it is used by the govt. to assert that it is because of their good governance. I think it has not caught the eyes of the usual wind bags as yet :)


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