Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Italians in Kerala.

Over the years, Kerala has been host to various citizens from around the world. Some came to Kerala as refugees (Jews) while some as tradesmen/invaders/missionaries (Dutch, Portugese, Syrians and the list goes on). Almost all the Jews have left Kerala for good and the others have more or less disappeared as semi-Indians or have left the place. But it comes as a surprise to those in Kerala to still find die hard citizens from Italy!

Two Indian fishermen were shot to death by Italians for reasons only they know. The only plausible reason could be that they were drunk or were using them as targets for their practice shots. As for their claim that they mistook them for pirates, if they are indeed sailors or were guarding a ship, they should by now know the area where pirates roam freely. What if the Indian Navy had responded in kind since it was an unprovoked attack on Indian citizens? There were 9 fishermen in this boat and while 7 of them were resting, only two were fishing. And also a fisherman with a fishing rod has never been a threat to anyone and if people wielding guns and binoculars cannot properly identify threats then the only solution is to put such criminals behind bars.

And when the state is in the process of doing so, comes an Italian citizen hiding behind his Indian citizenship assuring Italy that he will do all his best to bring the innocent boys back to Italy. He even has the audacity to tell the Italians that he has already spoken to the Christian ministers. The only sane course of action would be to strip such idiots off their Indian citizenship and pack them off to Italy. But since they have the “laborious” task of tending their sheep, let them stand in queue for a visa and be denied a visa.

Right now everyone including the Chief Minister to the said Cardinal is denying this news. But the following is directly from the source. Fides news agency was formed to provide current news and images not only for publication in missionary magazines, but also for other press in all countries.
The Friar tells Fides what the atmosphere in Cochin is like: "People are pretty angry, but it is also stirred up by the media and politicians. The problem in public opinion is that this murder was seen as a national outrage. In any case it seems that the public outcry is decreasing. The fishermen killed were Catholics and the Catholic community feels touched. But this story has nothing to do with religion, one must not stimulate nationalism or religious sentiments. The only thing we hope is that the Church can bring a word of peace. I think that, after questioning, the case can be clarified and the Italian soldiers can be freed. It is only a matter of justice.

Now, how did this friar come to the conclusion that these Italian soldiers can be freed?

And today I read that the FIR filed by the police is in such a way that will aid the killers. Yes, they may go scot free while the poor family will have to struggle without the sole bread winner.

Mockery of justice is becoming all to common these days.



  1. I wish that justice prevails.its so frustrating to see that Italians took life so easily and now their is doubt even about the punishment.

    1. One hopes so Renu..the Italians will do anything to get away.. but what hurts more is when the Indians themselves give such scant regard to their own.

  2. hi hk..
    this is one story i have been following for some days. those two stupid marines should be really thrashed. Now they are instead sitting in the CISF guesthouse eating pizza and fruits, served by the local obliging five star hotel..apparently after firing the ship sped away so it is also difficult to get the right GPS coordinates to prove they were in Indian waters.
    I am sure the police will not even get the right guns for ballistic testing, and this I say because the Italians are eagerly waiting for the ballistics test. What for? when they themselves initially admitted they fired at the two chaps?

    1. Even if there is enough evidence, if an FIR is filed in such a manner as to aid the killers, is there any hope? The poor are indeed denied justice in our country.. I am sure even an Italian with right sense would want these marines locked away.

  3. This is such a sad, sad incident!

    Two innocent fishermen have lost their lives. And everyone is arguing about whether they should be tried under Indian law in an Indian court, under Italian law in an Italian court, or under international law.

    Yes, the two should get a fair trial. But this should be treated as a problem of Justice, not as one of International political/ religious relations!

    1. Mockery of justice Manju... and is this is the first one? concessions are being made for every kind of reasons... even a killer like Kasab hopes to get away with his crime.


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