Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finally, Indians maybe valued by Indians

It was yesterday while listening to the news regarding the 2 fishermen who were killed by the Italians and how these men were being treated as special guests by the authorities (even when they have been charged for murder); I was wondering when an Indian will be valued by an Indian. One couldn’t avoid a wee bit of envy for the Italians while painfully watch every kind of Italian and Indian trying to get these marines out.

If this happens in the Indian soil it has been thus in other countries too. The Norwegian issue brought to light the pathetic existence of our embassies. When helpless children were taken away, the parents could turn to none. I think it has shamed a few and now SM Krishna is calling for accountability.

In Egypt for a three-day visit, Krishna asked Indian embassies and consulates to evolve new mechanisms to address grievances in a timely manner, during a meeting with Indian envoys to the Middle Eastern nations, here.

Complaints lodged by Indian nationals will be responded to quickly and ambassadors, in a new accountability system, will effectively monitor such complaints and responses by officials, he said.

Here in Kuwait, it is the Embassy of Philippines that the Indian Embassy ought to learn from. Every issue involving a citizen of Philippines has been dealt with utmost care and tough laws have been created to protect them.

After all, only when you value yourself will others value you.


  1. My friend , the issue is the players alleged in the fiasco off Quilon are "White skinned". And as true Indian nationals are we not born to crawl when asked to bend?

    And do we value an Indian and his plight ?

    1. The truth of the matter is that there is no value for an Indian by an Indian wherever he maybe.. In India, he is valued only when is about to cast his vote and soon the NRI's shall also be wooed for the same reason.

  2. I really dont think much about the Quilon issue ,because it is so much politicised.If they were not crazy,I seriously doubt the Italians would have fired without a reason. The following week, another boat was hit and sunk by an Indian ship, more fishermen died,and I dont hear any slogans for alimony in crores.
    Every single day many get knocked down on our roads and get killed. Many get raped and killed. The poor die of hunger and commit suicide and who cares? Political murders are almost a regular happening in Kerala.No one cares.
    If we dont respect and value our lives,how do we expect others to do that?

    1. Sadly it has been politicised and communalised too.. like every other issue in India. Let the Piravam election get over; the Italians would reach their home country while the poor family will be forgotten by all and sundry.

      But I dont think the Italians behaved in a responsible manner specially when the Kerala coast has no prior threat of Pirates. They were just being high handed and sadly the authorities are letting them be thus.

    2. Why are we putting blame on others when something unwanted happens.In the case of Mullaperiyar Issue, Keralites blamed Tamilians. Rather than wasting their time on controversies, the Kerala government should have taken some steps to save the life of people. And now in the case of Italian issue, everything was clear right from the very beginning that they shot two men to death. But the police needed time for collecting evidence. What a crap? They cant send these men to jail....

    3. You are very right Shalet.. the Italians are only doing their job and they shall do everything to get these marines out. In India only two things are uppermost in everyone's mind: politics and religion.. one is judged by the stance you take on each of these and you will be judged accordingly. Crap it is and shall remain so...
      It must be a coincidence but today's quote on my blog says the following :

      Quote of the Day
      A man can't ride your back unless it's bent.
      Martin Luther King, Jr.


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