Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Murderers, Rapists and Looters

Murderers, rapists and looters sitting in Parliament: Arvind Kejriwal

This statement from Kejriwal seems to have hit a raw spot but is there any truth in it?

Let the following speak for itself.


The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) was established in 1999 by a group of professors from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad. In 1999, Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed by them with Delhi High Court asking for [or requesting] the disclosure of the criminal, financial and educational background of the candidates contesting elections. Based on this, the Supreme Court in 2002, and subsequently in 2003, made it mandatory for all candidates contesting elections to disclose criminal, financial and educational background prior to the polls by filing an affidavit with the Election Commission.

Now we know that even one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel....

The report confirms our worst suspicions. MPs with criminal records are more numerous in 2009 (162) than in 2004 (128), and so too those involved in heinous offences such as dacoity, rape and murder (76:58).
But all is not lost:

Of the 608 candidates with the most serious criminal cases against them, only 76 won. The remaining 532 were rejected by the voters.

As for looters, we know that it would be very difficult to find MP's who have not increased their wealth after coming to power.

Let us look at the crorepati's:

MP crorepatis have doubled in number in 2009 (315) compared to 2004 (156). And the chances of winning an election in 2009 progressively improved with the value of their assets (0.43% with assets under Rs.10 lakhs to 32.65% with assets over Rs.5 crores). Yet election expenses continue to be absurdly under- reported. An MP from Arunachal reportedly spent only Rs.10,000 while the freest spenders anywhere were reportedly well within the Rs.25 lakh limit. Obviously in fear of admitting to a corrupt practice under the law, and rendering their election liable to be declared null and void by the High Court.
So when people like Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi say that it was an insult to Parliament and people of the country who elect MPs and MLAs, it is not entirely correct. Those winning the elections are those with most cash. This cash is used to influence the voters and most media help the candidates and not the voters. While the looters gain, the voters cannot be entirely blamed for their wrong choice.

• The number of crorepati MPs has increased from 156 in Lok Sabha 2004 to 315 in Lok Sabha 2009.

• Out of 315 crorepati MPs in Lok Sabha 2009, 146 are of INC, 59 are of BJP, 14 are of SP, 13 each are of BSP and DMK, 9 of SHS, 8 of JD (U) and 7 of AITC.

• Among major parties, the average asset per MP for INC is Rs. 5.9 crores and for BJP is Rs 3.4 crores.
Now is there any problem if they become corepati's?

There seems to be a problem since only these elected ones seems to have increased their wealth but not the voters.

Compare the above with the state of affairs with the voters.

Rural MPCE

The NSS concept of MPCE, therefore, is defined first at the household level (household monthly consumer expenditure ÷ household size). This measure serves as the indicator of the household’s level of living.
Arvind Kejriwal's statement needs to be noticed.

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  1. That was a good research to emphasise the fact we all know, ie the goons who we elect rule us and plunder the country's wealth.
    I was wondering about the incensed comments and reactions from all the political parties. The hypocrites are at large and we may have to coin a stronger word to define these rascals who have under the aegis of democracy and suffrage got into the legislatures.

  2. Anil: How quickly they teamed up! One wonders why this cooperation is not found in other areas too. If they are indeed outraged, then the least the honest among them can do is make sure that these criminals are weeded out by bringing in a strong lokpal. But then for many amongst the voters, these looters are needed to channel the loot. It is only "you scratch my back while I scratch yours".. I think the only way to stop this menace would be to allow each candidate a fixed sum of money for election campaigns.. just enough to publicize their election manefesto and nothing else.. until then the voters shall always remain the losers.

  3. what i still do not understand is how they get mass support even though everybody knows the guy is tainted..maybe greed to be associated with a rich winner kills the voters conscience ...

  4. Maddy: If one has enough money to buy the voters then nothing stands in his way. We saw how the media was paid to write about candidates. If media fails to bring the character of the candidate out in the open, not many will know. It is time the election commission put a plug to the money that a candidate is allowed to spend. This will make every candidate equal for contest and he shall win only by virtue of his merit.


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