Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girl or gold?

The latest advertisement for gold/diamond shows the birth of a baby (a girl I presume) and the next shot, the birth of a diamond or a diamond necklace! It ends up with a necklace worn by a beautiful girl with the tag "There is a diamond for every woman" . Wow! Are they giving it free?

Such advt may frighten the wits out of parents having a girl child. Why in the world do we associate girls with gold? Why do we let the media treat girls as a burden? In my opinion such adverts needs to be banned altogether specially in the backdrop of increasing female foeticide.

Let the girl child be looked upon as a normal child; not as a liability until she is flung into another’s home.

Let her be treated with dignity; not as an object to be adorned with gold and precious stones.

She is only a normal human being capable of looking after herself if you will let her be. Instead, you have a worrying father and later a brother only to transfer this gold or diamond from one bank locker to another. Look at her! How ridiculous she looks!

Then you have other adverts which implore you to invest monthly in these shops so that once your girl is grown, if nothing else, she will have bags of gold to catch a husband! seems these husbands have only eyes for this gold and not the girl! But why should that matter? Hasn't she been finally pushed from her home? The work of a lifetime! No wonder cowards and weaklings kill them before they are born!

Have listened to many advising me to buy gold since we have a girl. They have this frightening tone and you almost succumb to their fears. But luckily I have a hubby who continues to maintain that it is a dead investment. 

Let us invest in our girl in other ways. If someone worthy of her comes along, let him take her only for her and not for the gold!


  1. A pertinent subject!
    “ Akshayatritiya”, an utter nonsense not heard of a few years ago and now deftly hoisted by the Gold and jewelry vendors as a gimmick to sell.
    Gold is not a dead investment; it is indeed a good investment to park in gold. But it is a harmful investment to defile the girl child the way we think of its use.
    Now the fault or the respondents in this case are three
    1- The male (groom) these spineless, weak kneed of the species must shun these weddings if the girl is decked in such comical and obscene way as the girl in the picture in your post.
    2- Young women must shun such relationships and suitors who demand such vulgarity. And must also try to empower themselves economically.
    3- Parents must desist from accepting an alliance from such mean and demanding folks.
    All said it is the psyche of the society that is to be faulted.

  2. Anil: Gold in my opinion is a dead investment, if all it does is sit in the locker! What good does it do except give you a sense of security. Of course it is a security but I dont think this gold is ever put to use. But then at the way the price is increasing the love for gold is only going to increase. And for this reason one sees the "Akshayatritiya" to lure gullible customers. Just today I read that this day was meant as a day for charity and not for indulgence. But who shall bell the cat? With the ever increasing gold price, I was hoping that our weddings would evolve into a more sober affairs but it has become even more gharish! If not gold, you have the bride decked up with diamonds or platinum.
    Yes, the youngsters need to put their foot down and the older generation ought to support.

  3. Scenario can be changed by only people like you and me..I always wanted to make my daughter self dependendent and that I did, and today she is happily settled...

    Instead of buying gold, we must invest in education..thats the best investment.

    1. Renu: unfortunately, people like you and me might be in minority... glad to note about your daughter.. others need to learn from you.. yes.. investing in education is the best.. there is nothing to beat it... we are 3 daughters and it is only education that gave us the strength to meet adversities..

  4. Hi,

    Gold prices in India are localized to an extent and increase during marriage seasons. However Gold is internationally held as a reliable investment. It is only in India people are mad for gold jewellery. Gold , Oil and $ are the three instruments of investment that are internationally accepted. Of which Gold has more dependability. Govts link their money supply to Gold as you would know.Yes, we too can safely invest in gold, and redeem it when the going is good. However this faluanting having gold as ornaments of vulgarity is sick and harmful socially.

  5. Hi Team,

    We worked on a 2 min. short film on female foetecide issue which sends across the message for this terrible menace in our society in a lighter way. Hope you would like it.



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