Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dange's ghost

Those in Kerala will now be recalling Dange. The utterance of VS has shocked not only his own party but the entire state. But he has only told the truth. He has nothing to lose being close to 90 years. Does he look even 70?

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In stinging remarks, CPI-M veteran V.S. Achuthanandan warned Saturday that his rival Pinarayi Vijayan will soon meet the fate of the once iconic Indian Communist S.A. Dange who was shown the door by the party.

Achuthanandan, a former Kerala chief minister who is now the opposition leader in the assembly, made the statement following the recent murder of former CPI-M leader T.P. Chandrasekharan, 51
After the killing, which police believe was done by CPI-M activists, Vijayan dubbed Chandrasekharan a "traitor". Achuthanandan, who was said to be close to the dead man, disputed the label.

Achuthanandan told reporters here that Vijayan's remark was not the opinion of the Communist Party of India-Marxist.

"In our party things are different. It is not like the Congress where the final word is that of the party high command.

"In our party, an opinion is arrived at after detailed ideological discussions," he said.

Chandrasekharan, a former CPI-M firebrand, was killed in Onchiyam near here Friday night. Police said he was attacked with a bomb and then murdered. His face was disfigured

The brutal killing of shocked the entire state but what shocked and was even more disgusting was the utterance of Pinarayi. His intolerance and hatred against those who left the party was very evident in the speech delivered in his usual style; with a very dead eyes. Have you watched them? If has no hand in the present killing, it needs to be recalled that it is his intolerance that led to the split.

But I blame the current government too for letting this crime happen when there was a threat to his life.

Who gave the deadly killer parole and why was he not monitored?

There are many killings. Some are done at the spur of the moment and later leads to years of regret and unhappiness. But there are others who have made killing their job and they do it with no regret. They very well know that their own fate will be no different, hence they do not care for the consequences. They live for the moment and do the killing like a machine.

The latest killing had a few witness and within 3 minutes the police were informed and even requested to block roads and such to catch the criminals. But nothing like that happened and today it is 9 days since the killing and still the police has no clue. So who really gave the order?

As for VS, he has always known the pulse of the mass. He knows that this murder has disturbed the entire state and his own party workers. If he does not offer sympathy, it would definitely be the end of the party, specially since it has put the party on defensive. As for Pinarayi, he should remember that in a democratic setup, it is the people that matters. Else he will be left with only a party office.

Who is he to decide the fate of every Keralite?

Why should the common man be bothered with party ideologies, if the party doesn’t deliver?

We are not in China to pay obeisance to the party leader and keep our mouth shut!

I hope this government acts with responsibility and brings the culprits; not just the killers but the handlers too to justice. Else it is only natural to believe that even this government has a hand behind this killing. After all, it is they who shall benefit most from it. It is they who let the killers out on parole.

There should no more be such killings in the name of the common people. There shall be more such issues but one cannot kill the messenger instead of solving the issues.

Unfortunately, we the people have made the job of the politicians very lucrative. It is so desirable that they are ready to kill anyone who opposes their dictates. This needs to stop.

One thought that the killing of the teacher in front of his school students would finally wake the conscience of the judiciary at least. But even today those behind one of the most brutal killing have not been apprehended. We robbed those students their innocence. I am sure they are scarred for life.

When one listens to media saying that even the recent killers may be killed by another set of "quotation" gang , one wonders if Kerala is the land of quotation gangs. Is there no provision in our law to put these killers behind bars forever?

Yesterday I listened to a media discussion on quotation gangs and one member of this gang was also present. The final word was from him. He said that it was the political party that nurtured him and made him to kill and he ended by saying that every party uses them.

This needs to stop!


  1. You see the fact is that we get the rulers we deserve.

    As for Pinarayi, his face, eyes and even his shoulders speak volumes of his personality.

    I see it as that of a hyena .

  2. Anil: It is true that we get the rulers that we decide but why should one let them kill too?
    and Pinarayi has die hard fans too.. what attracts people to him? Your comparison is apt!


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