Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have a desire

I have a desire to see the following lady wearing jeans. Now you may ask me why. I just want her to know how comfortable one can be in Jeans. Let her wear it once and then tell us that it is an indecent attire.

Renu Phulia, HCS

Designation: A.D.C., Ambala

Office Phone: +91-171-2532900, 2530800

Residence Phone: +91-171-2552800

Mobile: +91-9215389202, +91-9416204999

Fax: +91-171-2643333


Offices can have dress codes. We have one here in Kuwait too. We are not allowed to wear a saree to work (in most offices)  and jeans are normally allowed only on Thursday; the end of the week day.  Have heard myself that saree is very revealing and hence not advisable to wear the same for work! Yes.. saree is one of them most seductive dress. It can be more revealing and clinging than the poor jeans and top. If you do not believe it, look around! Not that I have anything against the saree, I love wearing it.

I also see most Arab ladies wear the jeans mostly every day of the week. They look very neat and comfortable in it.

As if khaps of Haryana were not enough to guard the “conservative” image of the state and the skewed sex ratio did not underline the male dominance in society adequately, the Haryana Women and Child Department (WCD) has now passed a diktat to enforce “decent” office dressing for its staff.

This becomes all the more pronounced given the fact that everybody from the minister to the Financial Commissioner, the Principal Secretary and the Director, WCD, are all women.

How many of you think that wearing jeans makes one indecent?

If you are a parent or husband will you stop your daughter or wife from wearing it?


  1. That is so silly.. Sadly, it is the perception that just because jeans is a western attire, it is 'indecent'.

    Jeans is certainly one of the most comfortable attire, but is not considered in the formal range of clothes across the world. So if she were enforcing a formal dress code, then it might have still made some sense, but to say that it is indecent takes the cake.

    1. Smitha: Yes it is all in preception. If those in India thinks that wearing Jeans is indecent then one cant blame those who think that wearing saree is indecent. Let her enforce a dress code but let her not state that wearing an attire like Jeans which is worn by so many women around the world is indecent. Let her focus on more important issues like the dismal sex ratio that her state is infamous for. That is her job.

  2. Ironically , it is women( Muslim women), who clamour when the full length hijab is criticized and called prejudiced dress. And remember that the attire is dictated by the Islamic codes written by male.

    If Saree, jeans or a appealing dress is ungodly, and indecent , then certainly Adam & Eve sinned even before the later consumed the fruit from the forbidden tree. For we are told that mans sinning began when she ate the fruit forbidden by God.
    But going by the dress codes the gentry decree now , Adam and Eve may have sinned when they began to walk around in their birth suits.

    The whole nonsense of imposing dress code is only to suppress the free will of women. And pathetic are we the male who are seduced at the snap opening of a button and a bit of clevage!!!

    1. Anil: :) the first sinners! As for Hijab, guess once a person gets used to it, it would be difficult to discard it.. this would be the same for jeans too. It is the most comfortable dress and it can become a second skin.

      Yes, it is only to suppress the free will of women but sadly it is the women themselves who are gladly taking up this job. As for those weakling who lose everything at the sight of a even the bare hands; woe to them! They have no medicine in this world for their weakness except more exposure :)

  3. any dress can be decent or indecent depending upon the person who is wearing it? BTW what is the dress code for office in Kuwait?

    1. Renu: I think any dress can be decent or indecent depending on the person who is viewing it? I think it would not depend on how I wear jeans if a person thinks that wearing it itself is indecent. I would have no control changing the preception.

      As for dress code out here, there is nothing as such. Most of the Kuwaitee women wear hijab while most dont. They wear most of the western dresses; pants, skirts etc. etc. As you must know almost all the international apparel brands have their presence here in Kuwait.

  4. I have felt that it is the woman who feels she will perhaps look not so good in a fitting dress ( i.e on the curves) that goes around extolling the virtues of the salwar and the sari


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