Saturday, May 26, 2012

Voted to kill

Licensed to kill is associated with James Bond and we saw him kill the bad guys and gals. Now if one wants to see those voted to kill then please come to God's Own Country aka Kerala.

Just today we heard one of the communist chota leader from Peerumade tell us that the great party has killed and will kill again if needed. And to imagine that these goons were voted to power by the common man. Are the police listening? Cant they arrest this man and charge him for the murders he is publicly owning in the name of the party? Are we in a Banana Republic?

Voted to power to uplift the voters but now they say that they were voted to even kill. I do not think that it is only the communist party who has indulged in this act but the others too. But it is only the communist party who has blatantly challenged democracy by saying that they have killed and will continue to kill.

If they can retain power only by killing then they have lost all credibility. VS is right to ask the criminals to step down from power.

Voters, are you listening? They are obviously not listening since they have gathered like donkeys today at the court premises. There is a leader shouting loud that the party has not killed while his chota leader has already declared that the party has killed and will kill.

As they say, you get what you deserve.


  1. It's truly surprising that a political leader has brazenly made such a statement. Politicians seem to take voters for granted. Voters themselves are to blame for this situation- they vote such politicians to power again and again.

    I do agree with you- other parties too have reportedly resorted to killing on occasion- though they do not declare it so openly.

    1. Manju: Yes.. voters are to blame but when the voter is never given an alternative then what shall one do?

      Every party is guilty. .and the communist party maintains that they have only retaliated... judiciary needs to wake up..

  2. I remain a skeptic. Because not of the politicians or the Quotation gangs. But the people.
    tell me in which election have the folloi9wng subjects become a criteria for vote

    1- Shelter
    3- Price
    4- Law & order
    5- Corruption
    7- potable water
    8- Industries
    9- Roads and public wealth
    10 environment

    Now in Thiruvanathapuram the capital and onec called the cleanest city, garbage has not been removed by the municipality for months. The government did not plan in advance for a permanent disposal . and come the next election this will never be the subject of debate .

    We by our caste based and myopic political decisions , cultivate and nurture the likes of Pinarayis and his quotation politics.And I do not see anything remotely going to alter the status quo.

    1. Anil: You are right.. the priorities are always wrong... finally it on caste, creed etc that the votes are cast... let us see what will happen in Neyyatinakara.. I would like the BJP to win.. just for a balance...

  3. sometimes I feel that we get what we deserve..unless we raise our voice and take interest in elections and elect the right person, and even after election keep track of him...we cant improve anything.

  4. Renu: but what is the use of we are not given a choice of good candidates? for sure we can our youngsters to take up politics but will they save themselves from corruption? power can change anyone.


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