Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dreaming of a white Christmas

It is not that I have ever experienced a white Christmas.. but this is the time of the year that I love to listen to Christmas songs.

It takes me back to my childhood and my favourite month: December. In the place I grew up; Peerumade, December made a very noisy appearance. The wind made a howling sound that is so unique to this area. The weather turned cooler and the air was filled with the smell of Eucalyptus. The howling wind tore down the twigs and leaves and at night the sound reached a crescendo. But this was also the time for the year-end holidays. The school at that time had a January to December schedule and the whole December was off. And since one has finished the final exam for the year there was no more studies too. Luckily tuitions had not made an appearance and we children were free to do what we wanted. Actually the exams were not forgotten since the results had to be faced sooner or later. But to douse the fear each time it made an appearance, all one had to do was to play the game of pebbles. One throws it up and try to catch it each time it comes down and if you can do it nth number of time, you are sure to pass! How easily we found solutions to our fears when we were younger!

It was also the time for Christmas cakes. There were no bakeries nearby and the cakes had to come from the kitchen. My mother would have soaked the dry fruits in rum and the baking would start after a week of soaking. She makes enough for us and to gift to relatives whom we would visit. She made one of the best cakes and I am yet to taste one similar to hers! I remember the day our lab; Floppy stole one whole cake to feed her hungry puppies. Since the cake was left to cool on the dining table, she somehow crept in and stole one away! I don’t think she was taken to task for that.. she was too cute and loving!

December was also the time of the year to start fresh and this thought made one happier. Resolutions were made to study harder and to fight less with the siblings. Since we were five, fighting was an invariable part. There were lots of games and lots of fights!

December was also the time for Christmas Carols. Even though the congregation was small, the Christmas Choir was a must each year. The choir practice was mostly done at our place and a good supply of hot snacks and tea made appearance.

It was also the time for Christmas tree! There were no fancy decoration items but yet the tree was beautiful. It was also the time to receive Christmas cards and to see the ones who remembered our family. The cards would be stacked against the trees. Some would contain snaps of the family; new additions and others we children have never seen.

And now.. December is the time to forget everything! One works even on a Christmas day and the only tradition that I follow is the Christmas Tree. And that reminds me that it is time to take down the Christmas Tree  J


  1. The toss-up to have some miracle comfort about the exam results ,is something sans gender and generation. You brought back my memories too . It was a tough and painful wait. wasn't it?

    I love these preparations for xmas and onnam. The special thing about xmas is it is in winter and the nippy air makes it more great.

    I can only imagine with envy the xmas times you had in a place like Peerumade.

    Alas I have never seen white xmas ,

    1. Yes.. the small pains of growing up.... it a beautiful place.. the photos are all from there.. have you visited these places? my only regret is that I dont own a piece of land of my dreams though :) a place to escape when the heat gets stifling in the plains.

    2. I have been through Peeremade, but haven't lived there or spent a day overnight. But the beauty of these places in winter is awe.
      Why not try to pick up a piece of land interior? They say Vagamon is great.
      I wish I could. Well human life is too short sometimes to plan and wait for execution .

  2. I too like December main because of the is so pleasant time to go around..

  3. Renu: Yes.. December is a pleasant month, specially in India.. love it still..even here in Kuwait it is cooler..


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