Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This paradox shall never end?

The above has become too common these days!

Most of us are over weight yet we dont stop eating more than we should! We over eat and then sweat it out on the exercising machine or on the grounds; yet we shall not decide to do away with the reason for the over weight. Because of this we have a new set of professionals, related only to losing weight. We have exotic places just for losing weight and exotic doctors waiting to scalp away a bit of you. And then we have producers who produces more than what we can consume and trying to market it by any means. Then we have food authorities willing to put expiry dates on every item so that they can be thrown into the dust bin. we also have big, fat and gaudy weddings that end up with lots of food that go waste. We also have festivals after festivals which makes us to hoard food.

It is a losing game indeed! But if we look at the other side of the story, 90% of men (not to talk about the children!)  in India like the one below sweat it out to have a quarter of the food that is being wasted into their stomach!

While India leads in poverty, it is not bad when it comes to obesity! 

The obesity ratio stands at 12% and India comes close to the following nations: Spain: 13.1% Ireland: 13%  Germany: 12.9%  Portugal:  12.8% Finland: 12.8%  Iceland: 12.4%  India 12.10%  Turkey:  12%  Belgium: 11.7%  Netherlands:  10%  Sweden: 9.7%  Denmark: 9.5%  France:  9.4%  Austria: 9.1%  Italy:  8.50%

Though I try my best not to waste food, I still need to reduce the intake. How about you?



  1. Some 400 Multi Millionaires corner 25 percent of the Indian GDP. And logically the scale of obesity must be confined to them. But that is not the case.

    Between you and me let me confide that I consciously decided to skip lunch today as I overate yesterday night and also had a hearty breakfast today.I felt over indulgence brought about discomfiture. But sure when I go back home today , I might fall into the entrapment of my favorite meat and overindulge again as there will be a good meal of Pork curry and Appam or roti .

    So the blame is on self. Lack of will power.

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    1. Blame it on lack of will power and if such exotic dishes awaits you then you need a ton of will power to resist!

      and as you said, it is not just the multimillionaires who are overweight... majority of the middle class Indians are overweight too... Diabetes and heart related diseases are increasing. It is not even leaving the kids alone!

  2. :-) Why am I seeing myself there? As Anil said we lack willpower. And we do not practice eating right. We are brought up that way. But yeah, the concept of gyms and fitness centres have pinched the money in your pockets and your guilt.

    But there are hundreds of ways to be fit. Why have we forgotten to walk to the supermarket or mopping the floor?

    1. Yes.. we do not practice eating right.. but then after a certain age it is not as easy to lose the weight that one gains!

      Walking and doing your household chores can keep the bulge away to an extent...

  3. If we keep track of eating and do our work ourselves we will be fitter and wealthier too instead of spending on dining out, gyms and servants:)

    I never indulged myself when I was young, but now sometimes I do it..isnt it another paradox:)

    1. I dont use the machines or the gym... have the household chores to do and I try to walk and use the stairs as much as possible.. but it is still a losing game after certain age. Even I was on the thinner side until 40!

  4. Size in itself is not a major problem, as long as we are healthy. Whether we are fat or lean is also dependent on our individual body constitution.

    1. True to an extent.. but BMI or the Body Mass Index does play a role..the bigger tummy you have, more trouble you may face. I do blv that a thin body is the secret of good health.. one needs a healthy body weight to ward off many illness.


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