Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am tagged

Roop tagged me so here I go.. but before that..

My leave is approved. I was bit apprehensive since I joined this company only recently.

So monsoon.. here I come.. let me also contribute my bit towards the Indian Economy.

As usual there are many plans.. a round trip Blore-Mysore-Ooty.. some friends expected to join us etc...for the time being let me dream kingsize of good times....

Eight things I am passionate about:
1. My family
2. My blog
3. Unchaahi
4. Eating
5. Cooking
6. Finding new friends
7. Knowing about people who makes a difference in this world
8. Knowing about technology (sophisticated or simple) that makes life easier for the common man

Eight things I want to do before I die:
1. Be a better wife and mother
2. Travel to at least a few places that I want to
3. Read the 100 must read books
4. Sit by a big library at home with lots of books
5. Settle down to a life with at least one dog and a few cats
6. Get my Husband stop smoking :-
7. Get my mother back to her good old self
8. Have a long chat with my school mate Elsy

Eight things I say often:
1. Amme (mother in Mallu language)
2. Our children’s names
3. My hubby’s name
4. Wake up
5. Didnt you finish yet? (if the kids are at the dining table or in the bathroom)
6. Go and study (to the kids) LOL
7. Inshallah
8. Stop that.. (to my ever romantic hubby)

Eight books I have read recently:
1. The Kite Runner
2. God’s Debris
3. World Without End - Pillars of the Earth
4. Not a penny more not a penny less
5. The rest will have to wait.....

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:
1. Phil Collins – She walked down...
2. Sean Kingston – Beautiful girl
3. Abba – almost all
4. Air Supply – Almost all
5. Kris Kristoffersen
6. Adnan Sami (Dil Kya kare)
7. There are plenty more

I was tagged earlier by chitchat but could never complete it due to lack of time....

Now I would like to tag Kallu, chitchat, and also Indrani and Maddy, if the ycan take up one more tag!


  1. Let me know the Bangalore dates.
    Wish you luck with the eight things you want to do!
    Thanks for tagging me, but not immediately pleaaase... may be later.

  2. Done. BTW good for you that you are coming to india. hope that you have fun like the last time. Have a great visit.

  3. i will take up the tag later, just did one..

    wish you a happy vacation, enjoy....bhayanghara choodanu nattil ennu kettu....

  4. Thank u Chitchat..

    Shall wait Indrani and Maddy.

    The vacation is only in Jul, but the kids should leave once the Summer Hol starts in June..

    Appam mazha varumenne vishwasikkunnu...

  5. Indrani.. will let u know the Blore dates...


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