Thursday, April 10, 2008

To boycott or not?

Boycott : to cease or refuse to deal with something such as an organization, a company, or a process, as a protest against it or as an effort to force it to become more acceptable.

This question is being tossed around and every world leader and even local politicians are now forced to voice their opinion. Oh what a dilemma! Tibet has taken the right opportunity to voice their frustrations; no doubt.

In GOC the communist leaders had standard replies; if the world has no problem with those suffering in occupied Palestine or occupied Iraq what is the problem they have with China? Has any country boycotted the goods they have been mass producing? Have they shifted their manufacturing units from China? In Kuwait, when the common man shops he does not have to check the country of origin – it is China. During these times of ever increasing prices we are now forced to compromise and buy cheaper products. Maybe they are being produced in sweat shops condemned by the so called developed nations. But are there any protests?

One question that keep coming to my mind is does any of these country have a right to protest against China when they are doing nothing effective for Palestine or Iraq or even other countries? Does “Human right violation” take different meaning for some countries?

So what is the real motive behind these protests? What is the level of acceptability that they are seeking from China? What is that really irks them? Beats me...

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  1. To question the motive behind the Tibet protest by the exiled people of Tibet is rather murky!!!!

    The whole world knew that the Tibetans would protest the Olympics couple of years in advance. SO why the surprise??


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