Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If only.....

Man dies bleeding on road but busy city doesn't care

Yet again a precious life lost due to untimely help. His dear ones must be saying over and over.. “If only..”

I am not sure why we behave thus? Lack of sensitivity or is it fear of the law? The doctor who wanted to help the victim was faced with people who were more bothered with their car seats getting dirty. Have we become so high and mighty?

Here in Kuwait, the expatriates bring over the same attitude but more because of the fear of law and its complications. Not so the Kuwaitees. The police do reach the spot fast but if there are residents they do whatever they can. Maybe because they don’t have to fear the law but then once on the road they are the fastest and would love to go uninterrupted but yet stops to help victims.


  1. Stunned and speechless. "If only..."
    Good to know about the Kuwaitees' attitude. You are in good company. :)

  2. Some are bad and some remain they way they are but here what we people do is called ignorance. I belive the most ignorant people in the world are we!!!

  3. Same sad story , again.

    Mostly people are afraid to get involved - in the follow-up legal processes, which will eat into their days with prolonged and postponed hearings.

    If only the public could be educated about the need to save lives in emergencies, with assurances from the powers that be, that there is no need to fear the law and its course.....

  4. a callous lot....what else to say? i made that decision long back after i spent 14 days in Kuwait risking limb and life for those jokers, doing a damage assesment tour just after Gulf war..


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