Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Day

Why oh Why?

How many more black days do we have to see before we see an end? Or is this only the beginning?

Where are our leaders? What other issues are occupying their times?

It is time you stepped down from your seats since you have all failed.

You sent brave men to take bullets in their hearts and in spite of repeated warnings there was no preparation.

You have let innocent people die without a cause. If our main cities cannot be protected from these cowards called terrorists who hide behind black masks and guns, then what are you governing?

Words fail me.. let me shed silent tears for my bleeding nation.


  1. Yes, DIM, these fake leaders, bureaucrats and media luminaries send their children to to the US and brave soldiers and innocent citizens to death. And then they imperiously visit the places where they lie. And then do nothing at all.
    It is a national shame.

  2. You touch a hair on the head of one of those politicians and see the ruckus they make... now innocent and brave soldiers are lying dead. All they do is just talk talk and talk.

    Let us pray the ordeal gets over soon.


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