Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sister Abhaya

Been too busy at work and more than I miss writing, I miss reading all my favourite blogs but then I have to pen something today....

Can Sister Abahya’s parents have some peace of mind now?

Of course they are the first ones who matters but I think this case matters to many of us too.

If one asks why, there are no specific answers. It is not as though this is the only murder case which has been languishing in the court rooms, but it is a case which tugged the conscience of many. A nun who had taken solemn vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience was murdered and denied justice while the institution that was supposed to have come to her rescue remained passive. But not passive to thwart justice at every juncture of this 16 years long case. And now a nun who took the same solemn vows has been arrested along with her fellow priests. All of them, I understand were heading educational institutions. As for the claims from some quarters that they are innocent surprises many. Those arrested did undergo narco analysis and polygraph tests and the ex-CBI officer did have his doubts on Sister Sephy during his short role in this case. As for CBI arresting only on the grounds of Sanju P. Mathew’s disclosure seems silly, or maybe I am being too hopeful.

Anyway, let us wait for some more dramas since as usual the case has been politicized.

Then as told, it is not the CBI who needs to be applauded but the High Court since the CBI succumbed to pressures all along. And this is way the judiciary needs to act. I pray we see this commitment in every case.


  1. The entire episode of the CBI team arresting the so called culprits in the Sr. Abhaya case within a few days of taking over the investigation seem to be running along a well scripted plan. This may be the only way for them to close the case as the courts were not allowing them to do so otherwise. The clever ploy seem to be to arrest the priests and nun who have been in the distrustful eyes of the public all along and charge sheet them. Invariably the verdict will be, acquitted for want of sufficient evidence. Thereafter there will be appeals to the high cour and the supreme court and the case will be logically closed.
    The public and Joemon Puthenpurackel is happy because they could see a couple of priests and a nun in cassock arrested and paraded and the media gleeful for they could feast on the visuals as well as the report. And above all it’s a win win situation for the CBI. If by chance the arrested are guilty a feather in their cap, if not, relived that they could finally close this ignominious case once and for all. That leaves everybody except the priests and the nun; in case they are innocent, the mental agony and the irreparable damage to their reputation will be indelible.

  2. Nebu, thank you for your comments.

    I think the institution and its inmates lost its reputation the day Sr. Abahaya was killed for reasons now left to our imaginations. It could have regained it's reputation, if it had cooperated with the police and booked the culprits. It is not as though nuns gets killed every day and what happened was an ordinary incident.If the police was forced to register it as a suicide, why was it done so?

    I think for the sake of those nuns and priests who have taken their vows seriously and are doing a good service to the society, the Church should stop intefering for once.

  3. I am damn sure that the priests and the nun is guilty of this crime.They are catholics and they have very much influence on politics.Since the reputation of the institution and wide spread catholic belief is affected,high pressure has been exerted on the ivestigators from above from the begginning till this 16th year.They have kept the culprits under cover for these long 14 years after I was born.CAN PRIESTS AND NUNS BE BELIEVED?Thats a big question that has been hunting the mind of this 14 year old.They can longer keep their chastity pure.But if they are not guilty of this grave unforgivable crime, time will prove it.

  4. Maria Tess, thank you for your comment..

    let us remember the verse "vengeance is mine saith the Lord".


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