Thursday, November 6, 2008

Black or White.. does it really matter?

I could’nt understand the media’s penchant to use ‘black President’ every time Obama’s name was mentioned. It was indeed irritating. Democracy worked beautifully in America and that should be it.

Not because I have anything against either the blacks or the white. But if Obama was elected, then the votes just did not come from the blacks alone. I believe whites make up 80% of the American population. In this case, there has to be a good number of whites who voted Obama to power. Still why does the media love calling him 'black'? If his Father was white and his mother black, would they have called him ‘white’? Mothers yet again remain worthless.

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  1. Somebody on TV said something like this - I hope Obama will prove to be a president who will be remembered as a 'great president', not just the first African American president. that sums it all up beautifully!!


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