Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gaza still burns..

As an Indian who recently suffered pain and anguish due to the cowardly and heinous act done by a few Islamic militants in my own country, it is would be easy for me to turn a blind eye to Ghaza where the same kind of militants are playing their roles. We in India are still seeking justice while the International Community continues with their own agendas. But the same Indian in me refuses to ignore the cries of the innocent civilians in Ghaza who are being given and were given a very unfair deal by the world. This madness needs to end. Only God can help them since there are many in this world of ours who are acting as God himself or as the special appointees of God. So I pray to the mighty one who I believe created every human being equal.


  1. If he created all equal then the question of the believer and non-believer should be there. The wars would never end till the concept of judgement day is not taken away. Judgement day should come daily for the good deeds you do everyday !!!

  2. I agree with IK...that is where the problem lies...and there is no non-war solution in sight, till any one view defeats others and reigns supreme...

  3. it is all really tragic. One mans land, another mans religion, a third mans decision - all these claims and counter claims decided the fate of Jews and Palestinians and today when five others get involved, to egg them on - you see this unholy mess. Which religion can justify all this? none...

  4. KK, you are very right.. The judgment days are here on earth only. Justice maybe delayed, since no judge on this earth is perfect. If people have interpreted otherwise, then they need to check their books again. As for the Israel -Palestinian issue, I do not believe religion is the only issue. Religion is only used as a tool to justify.

    Vinod; I think that is only a quick and easy way but the problem will persist since the question of “who is superior” will continue. And when one’s supremacy is questioned then you lash out until you are left with none on this world. Isn’t this another form of “self destruction

    Maddy: you are right. I also read that there are Jews in Israel who are fighting against this incursion into Ghaza and there are Palestinians who believe that co-existence is the only way for survival.

  5. No excuse for the death of innocents in Gaza. Jews are the ones who suffered the most in this century, may be because of that they have become the most ruthless community in this world. They should not have gone this far. However, arab countries who created Hamas is equally responsible for this. I am sure the actual players behind Hamas also had no regards for innocent palestinians as they would have known the outcome of firing rockets at a mighty nation like Israel.

  6. Ajith, having worked with Palestinians, I never found them lacking in intelligence or capability. In fact, I have always thought they are similar to the Israelites. Like how we justify the Israelites for being what they are, I guess even the Palestinians are thus due to their insecurity. In Kuwait they have managed to be at the top of the social ladder and it would have continued if they had not selfishly aided Saddam during the Kuwait invasion. Even now they might have committed a mistake by siding with Hamas. I agree that they have been flooded with aid from all over the world and this money might be falling to the wrong hands as usual and that the Arab world could have done better to solve this issue. But then killing of innocent civilians and children (more than 200 as of today) is never a justification for anything. It is genocide since Gaza was already under siege. If Israel is mighty then they need to show benevolence too.

  7. I agree the Palestinians are smart and clever, but in a cunning way. They smile and they are gentle people but their minds and eyes betray what is running in their head.

    They managed to stay on the top of the ladder because of the inefficiency of that generation of Kuwaitis who were basking in the oil wealth. But now it will be a bit of a problem. The whole Arab world supports them. How come no one has threatened Israel so far with military action? Why is the Hezbollah in Lebanon silent and not attacking Israel form the other end? Why is Syria silent? Why is Egypt not moving a finger. And most importantly why is the Palestinians in Ramallah not involved in this conflict?

    The truth is one want the Palestinians to have their own territory, government or civilization. Because the moment that happens...they will eat into the land and history of the Arabs and their culture..

  8. HK - I completely understand your feelings. I never justified Israel. However, I do think Palestinians made a big mistake of allowing other Arab countries fight a proxy war against Israel using their land. I don't think that is a smart move. Its not just Palestine,but all the arab countries are insecure coz Israel is way too powerful and has got full support from US and west. They want to eliminate Israel by sacrificing Palestinian lifes. Indians are also facing a proxy war. Innocents were killed in Kashmir by Indian army also. The unfortunate fact is terrorists who hide behind people should be rooted out in whatever expense.

  9. KK, in a way you are right when you talk about the Palestinians. Haven’t we all had personal experiences? But if you can accept history as written in the Bible, the Israelites themselves have a history of behavior which made them run for cover. If Christ was born in the Arab land as a Jew, it was to show the Israelites that they are not so right themselves. So maybe history is just being repeated since none wants to learn from their past mistakes.

    I also believe this earth will let you live as long as you learn to co-exist.

    Ajith, you have a point too. For example, USA nurtured Taliban, Indira Gandhi nurtured Khalistan and rest is history in our part of the world. I guess as nations, we don’t learn our lessons right. But I believe it is always better not to seek the help of another nation to settle ones’ problems.


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