Monday, January 12, 2009

Which is the best example to follow

Came across the book, “Stories for Parents: by the Author Paulo Coelho. Couldn’t’ resist posting a story:

Which is the best example to follow:

Dov Beer of Mezeritch was asked:

“Which is the best example to follow? That of the pious man who dedicates his life to God without ever asking why, or that of the erudite man, who tries to understand the will of the Almighty?

“The best example to follow is that of the child” replied Dov Beer.

“ But a child knows nothing. It does not even understand what reality is!’ was the general response.

“There you are much mistaken, because the child has four qualities that we should never forget. A child is always happy for no reason. A child is always busy. When a child wants something, he or she shows great persistence and determination in demanding that thing. Lastly, a child is always very quick to stop crying.


I guess I have come across such people in my life and they are happy as a child is!


  1. Yes demanding things from life...

    am reminded of

    ASK - and it shall be given
    SEEK - and you'll find it
    KNOCK - and it shall be opened.

    I liked the ...."a child is always very quick to stop crying."

  2. Welcome back Kat!

    If we look at the way we bring up our kids (mine at least!), by the time they reach adulthood, we would have taught them not to have any of these qualities!

    When they demand we subdue them.....

    When they smile after they have taken a scolding, we wonder if the dose was not enough......

    We kill their happiness by asking them to sit and study when they have just started enjoying their toys.


  3. Press the flasback button HK..

    Don't you think your parents were more strict than you ?

    And aren't you a warrior in life, doing well ?

    I think parents are rough stones who try polish and make smooth, the kiddies.

    Every parent's duty is to "....kill their happiness by asking them to sit and study when they have just started enjoying their toys."

    Congrats to another dutiful parent :))))

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  5. Kat... my parents were stricter with the first one I guess.. and it is true that she did better than all five of us!

    So I have to agree with you :)

  6. I loved your post! So true. We do tend to stifle all the childlike characteristcs of a child, don't we? And yes, a child is very quick to stop crying!

  7. Smitha, thank you for passing have a lovely blog...

    As for child rearing, I still think we can do it differently but then who will take the chance?


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