Monday, January 19, 2009


Sadly a few things came late into my life; like Yanni and his wonderful team of musicians.

I have heard bits and pieces of him and vaguely remember reading about his live concert at the Taj Mahal, but it was during those years that I was too busy even for music. I have also heard him at the Shopping malls in the electronic section where Hubby normally ends after rushing us through the rest of the aisles. But I clearly remember the last time that I was at the electronic section, when I left hubby and son totally immersed in some item that I had the least interest. That is when I found that all the TV screens had the Yanni Live! The Concert Event.

I stood mesmerized and for the first time wished that Hubby would stay longer in the e-section. Daughter also joined me and we stood there quietly enjoying the blissful moments. Then it was time to forget and so I did until we went to a friend’s place. He is an electronic freak and more so because he works for Sony. His house is filled with the latest gadgets and he would have had more, if only his wife wasn’t there to squash his temptations. (We wives need to be thanked for at least this nature in us!)

Anyway, Hubby wanted to test the Bose speakers (I am sure you know it is invented by an Indian)and our friend said he has the best music to test the speakers. And then came Yanni and his team! It was heavenly music played by a team of musicians from all over the world. From every person one could sense the passion and the love for music. Each one of them seemed perfect in their chosen field and all one can do is thank God for giving us ears to enjoy them. I think Yanni’s music appealed to me even more because of the oriental touch that has gone into some of the creations.

Thanks to our friend, we brought "Yanni" home and the music continues to fill our senses.

Yanni (born Yiannis Hrysomallis (Greek: Γιάννης Χρυσομάλλης, classical transcription Giannis Chrysomallis), on November 14, 1954 in Kalamata, Greece) is a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and composer.

• Charlie Adams – drums
• Victor Espinola – harp, vocals
• Pedro Eustache – flute, saxophone, world reeds
• Ramon Flores – trumpet
• Ming Freeman – keyboards
• David Hudson – didgeridoo
• Hussain Jiffry – bass guitar
• Sayaka Katsuki – violin
• Dan Landrum – hammered dulcimer
• Armen Movsessian – violin
• Walter Rodriguez – percussion
• Samvel Yervinyan – violin

* Alfreda Gerald
* Michelle Amato


* Kristen Autry – violin
* April Cap – oboe
* Zachary Carrettin – violin
* Ilona Geller – viola
* Kerry Hughes – trumpet
* Jim Mattos – French horn
* Eugene Mechtovich – viola
* Kristin Morrison – French horn
* Sarah O'Brien – cello
* Dana Teboe – trombone
* Erika Walczak – violin
* Alexander Zhiroff – cello

Courtesy Wikipedia as usual!

and finally after searching for a long time, I found one article which gives a good idea about the team and it is from rediff...


  1. I remember Yanni at the Taj..divine music. I also remember the anchor telling him that in Hindi his name meant "means/meaning". After that he seemed to have disappeared. Glad you found him.

  2. yanni is one of the greatest musicians around, ... one of my favourites....
    my fav is when I am going on long drives coupled with his music...
    simply fantastic....

  3. Thank you Vinod and Ajit..

    Yanni has given a meaning to his name and yes he has brought many musicians together so that the world can enjoy.

  4. a fascinating character - yanni. his composition for 'chariots of fire' is so engaging that it has still remained in my mind even though many others have been forgotten..

  5. Maddy: though I might have missed this great musician, I think our Malayalam film Industry has been honoring him :) Did u listen to the 20-20 songs?

  6. yes, i heard them a bit here & there - these days the songs are not so great to remember - but were they 'inspired'?


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