Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still clueless..

Senior police officials, requesting anonymity, opined that bullet-proof jacket is the first line of evidence which should have been taken into the custody by the investigators. However, Mumbai police found this blooper only after slain IPS officer's wife, Kavita Karkare, filed an RTI plea in which the police admitted that the jacket was not traceable.

Are our police clueless or made to be clueless?

Are the Mumbai police so naïve?

And have any of them been taken to task?

Not likely, since as usual they have selected the right candidate to pave the escape route.

“On the night of November 27, after Karkare's body was brought to JJ hospital for autopsy, I had mistakenly put the jacket along with bio-medical and non-medical waste in polythene bags which was sent to the Deonar dump grounds for disposal”, the sweeper had said in the statement on December 22, 2008.


  1. So they've actually managed to find a scapegoat? When it comes to saving their necks their brains seem to be quite capable of working overtime!

  2. So long as the police is being used for political gains and a personal force of the govt, such incidents will always take place.
    This case is nothing but a continued corruption which has support of all those who matter.

  3. Pathetic.... shameful....So sad to hear ,this happened to a person(and his family) who sacrificed his life for the nation

  4. Simple, isn't it? So easy to pass the blame..

    Just makes you wonder is anything will change unless people are made accountable. That is hardly going to happen with the police and the political class being hand in hand..

  5. What a state-of-affairs!!! Doesn't these things make you sick? Spare a moment for the families of the martyrs who get to see and hear such crap everyday :(

  6. Smitha: Yes.. things have been made simple and easy over the years.. nd everyone goes scot free..

    Scorpio:Yes.. how do they bear it? and dont they wonder why the majority can do nothing....


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