Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chin up Indians! We have reasons to be proud!

Even if you despair at times, do remember that your votes are the most valuable in this world! The minute you give it away to any candidate, voila their assets are tripled, quadrupled or whatever!

The latest gem of the lot is Mayawati. Not only did she fill her state with statues of herself as well as elephants but we are also told that :

In the last two years, her assets have shot up by 24 crores. So how much is Mayawati worth exactly? 111 crores.

Behenji, as the former chief minister is known, has said she has 380 carats of diamonds, and one kilogram of gold. Together, these are worth just under a crore. Her silver dinner set, which weighs nearly 20 kgs, is worth 9 lakhs.

Her immovable assets - largely property - add upto 96 crores. This includes two shops in Delhi's Connaught Place, a home worth 62 crores on Sardar Patel Marg, one of Delhi's most sought-after neighbourhoods, and a home in Lucknow worth 15 crores.

In May 2010, her assets were worth 87 crores

Do you see that diamond necklace peeping out? Enjoy!

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What about the rest of the elected leaders? No reasons for worry since they have all been blessed by the votes. One is being pursued by the CBI, but since it involves more leaders this great nation can handle, we may soon see CBI wobble as usual.

Hyderabad: The Supreme Court today has said six ministers, all from the Congress, and eight bureaucrats from the Indian Administrative Service, should explain their alleged role in a case of corruption against politician Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Have you seen a more humble looking leader? The ultimate expression of humility and thankfulness!

Jaganmohan Reddy: Son of former Andhra Pradesh chief minister YSR Reddy, Jaganmohan is perhaps one of the richest politicians in India, with declared assets of Rs 365 crore.

Jagan's wife Bharati owns assets worth a whopping Rs 4,133 crore. He owns houses, land and other property in Hyderabad, Kadapa and Bangalore. The 38-year-old businessman has interests in cement and power projects in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and other states. He also owns Telugu daily Sakshi and the TV news channel by the same name. Interestingly, Jagan has no personal vehicle.

Now, have a look at these shots and identify with pride those whom you cast your precious vote.

But the icing of the cake is none other than the great Sonia Gandhi, though the Indian mainstream newspapers seem too “shy” to reveal it.

But will international one’s lie so blatantly?

If reports of a US based magazine 'Business Insider' are to be believed, AICC chief Sonia Gandhi is the fourth richest politician in the world. As per the reports, her assets worth $2-19 billion, which is about Rs 10,000-45,000 crore
As per the affidavit filed before the 2009 general elections, Sonia Gandhi has movable assets worth Rs 1.17 crore and immovable assets worth Rs 20 lakhs. Based on these information, Sonia's income can't be more than Rs 60 lakh per annual.

There she stands ever so demurely between the pictures of Putin and Michael Bloomberg

If this is so difficult to believe, specially since this great nation is estimated to have a third of the world's poor, then it is time to SUE these newspapers. Even otherwise, some of us refuse to believe the various scams that are sprouting each day like mushrooms after a good rain.

But come what may, none can take away the pride of living amongst some of the richest in this world, made so only by VOTES:)



  1. What are you trying to say? I'm not sure of your intent.

    Mayawati is the eponymous real life image of emancipation of the Dalits.And throwing innuendos or aspersions at her and her meagre riches is certainly an anti Dalit syndrome.

    Jagan Reddy is the rightful heir apparent of YSR. A few crores in his kitty is certainly not anti national. And if Sonia Gandhi the lucky woman from Italy can have 2 plus billion why not Jagan's wife a few thousand crores?

  2. Anil: Mayawati seems to have emancipated herself really well.. look at her diamonds :) and this is only after she came to power. .if only she had used the power the people gave her to emancipate those in her state who continues to live a miserable life.. she would have surely gained another term.

    YSR made his crores the same way.. from the tax payers money and after coming to power.

    If the only graph that moves up after every election is the wealth of the elected leaders then the tax payer needs to think twice before giving up his hard earned money.

    But then I agree with your statement. if Sonia can have so much wealth, then why not the rest :) we Indians really do come up with the best solution for every problem :)

  3. What a shame! Our wonderful elected representatives, not only represent us, also take a share from the taxes that we pay - but of course, we elected them!

    As for Sonia - what can she do, if we sobadly want her in politics!

    How can the media stay silent -don't they have any sense of right and wrong? I guess money can wash away conscience just as easily..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Smitha: Great to have you here after a long time!

      Paid media was in news.. the money needs to come from some source right?

      Think it is time the Gandhi clan kept away from politics.. this may lead to the emergence of a good leader.. it is not that this country lacks from it.. but if the focus continues to be on Gandhi then what can one expect?

  4. Hi Kitten,

    I was hoping to find our Bellary Rajas and other members of "Karuna plus" clan in this illustrious list to complete.

    BTW ... our kerala politicians lag behind in the race.

    - Deeps

    1. Deeps: Raja as we all know was just a minor stakeholder :)

      but I have added a Reddy whom I missed..he looks very formidable... brr....

  5. Deeps: as for Kerala politicians, are they really far behind? or maybe the voters can console that they have not been made utter fools :)

  6. Sonia being there doesn't surprise me at all. CONgress and BJP, two of our biggest parties are systematically looting our nation. Interesting thing to note is that Kerala politicians are still learning the trade and there is no Commie leader among that illustrious list ;-)

  7. Anish: We should hang our heads in shame if one discovers a leader who has not at least doubled their income after coming to power :)

    As for commie leaders, maybe the party is holding the loot :) .... anyway, I am sure none is any better but in Kerala one may find less wealth amongst the communist leaders...

  8. Kitten:

    Correct on commies. Maybe many of their central and key leaders arent corrupt but they have subsituted party mechanisms to address people issues instead of strengthening government intitutions. I also remember reading CPI(M) in particular does own substantial assets which are quite disproportionate to their electoral standing.

    - Deeps


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