Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Let me thank the Almighty for keeping us in His care. Yesterday after the kids reached home, I received a distress call from our daughter saying that the exhaust fan in the bathroom was burning! She dint have the guts to go into the bathroom but saw the fire from the balcony. Well.. i dint know what to say but then suddenly one Arab saw the fire from down and came running up.. first he asked my daughter to douse the fire but knowing well she couldn’t do it, he came running up to the third floor. I immediately called Hubby who called the nearby Indian Shop to send someone. Anyway thanks to the stranger, the fire was doused well in time even before the guy from the shop could come. When Hubby came, the kids had locked the house and the flat was still full of smoke.. this could have been another disaster.. but God is great..
They say this is the first time they hear that an exhaust can catch fire.. but a major disaster was averted. I could only thank the considerate stranger over the phone for being there and acting in haste.


  1. I can imagine the sequence of events, and the tension you could have gone through sitting in the office. My God..anyway yes the stranger was of real real help.You just woke me up with this incident that its possible such situations.Great to hear the whole incident was bought under control.

  2. wat can I say

    They were lucky and all thanks to the Arab stranger.

    Cheers and move to Salmiya

  3. Thank God, everything is safe. Your daughter's presence of mind is commendable and the calmness.

    Good that it went over peacefully..

    take care..

  4. lol. that was something funny. i never knew that your son can be so naughty. Cos in the pic they seems so young and so cute.

  5. great that everything ended well - but using water to put out an electric fire is fraught with danger!! it could have ended up in disaster!! Always keep a powder fire extiguisher - a small one at hoime

  6. Thanks..

    Now we hear that an exhaust can catch fire and that it is common..

    Addie.. so did u find a good place for us in Salmiya?

    Now we have asked the kids to switch of lights. exhausts etc, when not in use.. but even a fire makes them forgetful!

    Yea using water is not safe... but at that moment I guess that was the only remedy.


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