Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The other day I heard our daughter answering the phone and then saying some secret codes. On enquiring she asked me not to tell her brother about the secret code that she shared with her girl friends. And then I remebered how our son fooled two of them the other day!

Daughter was having her bath and the call came from the 1st friend. I heard our son discussing notes, sharing answers etc. And then slyly he came and told me that she never knew it was him! And then he was lucky to receive one more call and he kept her also entertained. He was happily chatting with her and enjoying it fully.

We cannot blame these girls since me and Hubby still cannot distinguish them over the phone! I guess we have to wait for our son to break his voice and since the girls cannot wait that long they devised the secret code! How else can they share girlish secrets!


  1. mistake. i wrote the last comment on the wrong post.. please update it accordingly.

  2. that is fine..

    and yesterday he managed to get the code too...

    BTW, those photos are from those innocent days! I just kept it there to remind myself so that I dont lose my sanity!


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